Dear Hasbro,
Please make that green "T head" alien from the cantina. I've been pouring through the Chronicles lately, and seeing the mask for this character I can't stress enough how badly I want him.

When Hem pops his head up at the cue of the Modal Nodes' music, well that shot epitomized the cantina scene for me ever since I was a child. I did like Hammerhead and the others from the vintage line, but I never understood why they didn't do Hem Dazon because as I said he was just so noticeable to me.
You've made several cool cantina patrons, Hem is due! I am certain there have been other requests for him in the past, and I just want to raise the issue again.

As for the details, I have no suggestions right now . . . I'll let my peers chime in with any suggestions

Make him, please?