Please release more of these. I was unable to get one due to the fact that the stupid Fan Club has a horrible working site. I tried to get one many times the day they were available and the stupid website didn't acknowledge my member status (which I have been for 4 years now) and so I was unable to get one because of this. Should I have to suffer and pay the outrageous scalper prices on ebay of $100 for one just because the Fan Clubs website sucks? NO I don't think so. If these were at least produced in large enough quantities for the fans to get them, then perhaps I would have gotten one.

Without mentioning names and bringing back a horrible topic, but there was indeed a person who admitted on the SSG forums that he purchased multiples of the 25th Anniversary Vader with the sole intention of selling them each on ebay, which he did for around $100 each. How is this fair to the fans that just want one to collect? IT ISN'T.

I for one believe that exclusives only help encourage scalping. The only people who suffer are the "true consumers" and perhaps if you saw that Hasbro, then you'd at least stop with the exclusives.

Anyways, please release more of the 25th Anniversary Darth Vaders if you can. Also more of the Jorg Sacul figure as well. It isn't fair to punish fans who don't have the money to travel to an overpriced event just to get one. Anyone else here agree, let them know!