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    Question How to make a Jedi Kyle Katarn?

    I am going to buy a EU Kyle Katarn for his head to make a custom Kyle Katarn Jedi. However, I would like to just put his head on a body without so I don't have to paint it.

    So my question is: which Ep 1, Ep 2, POTF2 or POTJ body best represents his Jedi outfit?


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    None, he doesn't have a Jedi outfit, he just dresses casually so the outfits seen in Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast are his "Jedi" outfits also.
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    Well then, what type of casual clothing would be suitable for a version of Kyle from the new game?

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    He wears a tanish shirt (kind of like Carbonite-Han's) and with brown pants and boots, like Carbonite Han. He also has this weird little shoulder pad thing on his left shoulder. I happen to have my JK2 book right here
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    Put the Head on the Obiwan Jedi training and Paint his top white.

    Mine looks awesome

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    have a pic mdquinn?

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    No, but i could use photoshop to simulate what it actually looks like, All i need is the EU kyle Pic and Obi Training, i'll make it up soon and post it so you get the idea. I can use pohotshop to change the color


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