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    This has bothered me for awhile......

    Why is it that during their duel in ANH,Obi-Wan caleed Vader Darth instead of Anakin? Did Lucas not want to give something away?(Yeah,like by calling him by his first name you would know something)

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    I think it's because Darth was originally supposed to be his first name not a Sith title. However, it can be seen as Obi-Wan referring to him formally to stress his broken ties with his old padawan.
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    I'm guessing for storyline purposes. Lucas wanted to save that revelation for the sequels, to shock both Luke and the audience.

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    What Nihilus said was correct, but also (as Obi-Wan said in ROTJ) once Anakin turned to the dark side, his former padawan was lost forever under the visage of steel and circuitry. He addressed him as Vader since in his mind, Anakin was dead to him. Apparently Luke had a hell of a lot more faith than Obi-Wan that he could turn his father back to the good side.
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    I have thought about this before.I know that the story wasn't complete at the time so it's a safe bet I think that Darth was supposed to be his name.
    But from a story stand piont I think Ben was calling him by His sith title darth.Didn't the emporer also call Luke "Jedi"?A acknowledgement of his title?
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    Knowing now, what we didn't know then, it's a bit chilling to hear Obi Wan calling Vader by his (Now Title) Darth.....

    it seals the fact that Anakin is no longer a human at this point, and in my mind, Obi is just using it to shock Vader.......

    he wouldn't call him Anakin, because he's dead to Obi.....and so, Obi is now calling him by his sounds now, that Kenobi is actually hissing the name out, kinda like it leaves a bad taste in his mouth.....
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    The thing that made me really think about this was that in Ep.I neither Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan called Maul Darth.

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    They didn't call him anything except for a "Sith" but they didn't say it to him...they didn't say anything to him. Though I think in a cutscene, Obi-Wan talked to him while hanging in the pit, but I don't recall him calling Maul anything.
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    I don't think Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan even knew Maul's name or if he really was a Sith. They suspected it; but it wasn't until after Maul was dead that they confirmed it. All Qui-Gonn really knew was that Maul was trained in the Jedi arts.

    I pretty certain that in 1975 when ANH was being filmed, "Darth" was Vader's first name, not a Sith title. The only time we ever heard other Sith being referred to as Darth was in Ep1. And we all know how much "canon" was rewritten by that movie.
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    Darth... like General, Commander or even "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!"

    Something or a monniker to address the invidual by. Uh... I suppose.
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