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    Question White Background CommTech Chips

    Which Episode I figures had both holographic and white background CommTech chips? I thought I had them all until SSG posted the picture of Obi-Wan Naboo with a white backgound Commtech chip. Can someone confirm this figure was found on US store shelves? I guess I'm going to have to hunt through all the Toys R Us EP1 clearance sales again!

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    Thrawn's list

    You can see
    Thrawn's List here.
    The Obi-Wan Naboo is a new find and it's likely that a few others will show up, so those clearance bins at TRU are a great place to start looking again

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    Boy o boy o boy am I glad I don't collect variations. I think that I'd lose my mind. More power to ya' Nonfatnonfat!
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    the master jedi
    I'm glad I don't collect variations either. One variation of the figure is enough for me.

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    Does it really matter?
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    To some of us it does matter

    To some of us it does matter It is just another plane of enjoyment in collecting Star Wars. I understand most don't care about the variations...but many do. Viva La "difference"!
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    I can't even handle collecting carded as well as loose. I couldn't imagine buying every retarded variation. Insane.

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    Thumbs up I agree

    At one point I was all about every variation. I started to go insane and stopped.
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    I care, but only because I don't like the white background chips, I think the holo-style looks better.
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    I believe that the white background chips are legitimate variations. Im not into collecting cardback changes, errors and factory mistakes. Production changes such as the white backgrounds count for me. Anyone else agree?


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