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    Great suggestions, but a toy company will never make something so extensive as that. If they just improved upon the Original mold and, possibly, added a second (similarly sized) section with the "missing" parts - I think we should be happy.

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    Well folks, my Star Destroyer is nearing completion and will be featured as COTW over on rebel scum very soon. For those that can't wait please feel free to check out my 'wip' photoalbum:

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    Here's an idea to add to the fire.

    Take the new Death Star Trash Compactor sets and mold a DS trash compactor play set around it! That way you can cut the cost of remaking all the contents. Hasbro could make essentially an empty shell, just a few molded walls that the new sets could fit into.

    I would be all for Hasbro cranking out a few of these modular sets, but it would also be nice if they threw in an extra figure, preferably an Imperial Baddie, you know, a Stormtrooper here, an Imp. Officer there, or ever a DS gunner!

    Wasn't there a rumor of Hasbro doing a Death Star Gun with DS Gunner deluxe set?
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    There's a rumor of an Emperor's throne room playset for 2003. I won't even speculate on the likelihood of that happening but i do think it's a cool idea. I always worry whenever i hear the words hasbro and playset in the same sentence though. I wonder how they'll work in the obligatory missile firing cannon though. Palpatine's throne with force flip effect, Magnetic attract gantry section (that never has the magnetic strength to attract) and lets not forget the 'spring' loaded floor panels to catapult Luke and his Daddy at each other. All essentials in making a Hasbro playset. Then there's the lack of details and the lack of walls. The scaling down of any details that are included. The size of the playset being far too limited to actually get any figures onto it comfortably.

    I dare you to astound me Hasbro people, I throw down my gauntlet at your feet *THWAP!* the challenge is on...

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    Hi again, for those that are interested please check out my photoalbum of my Star Destroyer. It is not entirely finished as the interior is still bare and there is much more detail to add to the exterior but I am quite proud of it!

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    If Hasbro would make these playsets open ended, you could build as big of a death star as you wanted. If you wanted five detention blocks, buy five and connect them lengthwise, starwise, parallel, perpindicular, upside down, etc.....Bigger "command" room, more turbo lasers, then buy more. I think that would be awesome

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    Although not quite finished my ISDI, I have been playing around with a Death Star idea. Thanks to the previous thread contributer's I have the list of rooms I must include. My intention is to make a 6' sphere (any larger and no one could reach!) that would only be a half. I would go flat againt a wall i.e. this shape |) and have removable panels just my Star Destroyer. The centre (from the outside) would be the trench with the super laser higher up. The trench would be large enough for the power fx X Wing to cruise down comfortably and underneath would act as the langing bay or 6 rather. 2 large bays in the centre; MF in one, Lamba shuttle in another and two verticle smaller landing bays at either side. This would be the largest section of the playset as the higher or lower you go the small it is going to get. The Emperor's Thrown room would go at the top with the Trash compactor at the bottom. I may even make the bottom right hand cover panel twice; complete as for the DS1 and partial complete to represesnt the DS2. But I think we can asume the layout would have been the same. Although the opening of ROTJ did say that the second DS was larger? - but we won't go there.

    So, I can't wait to start work on this but if the year plau my ISDI took to build is anything to go by it may not be a quite a while. I'll keep you posted.

    You can check out my work on Rebel Scum or, thanks.
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    my idea was similar to stillakid's, has anyone ever joined 10 vintage deathstar playsets together?, I saw it on ebay once it totally rocked.
    If hasbro could use the same scale roughly of the vintage wedges they could easily release these wedges seperately over the course of the year or years allowing collectors to choose what sections of the deathsar that they want to aquire? with that many options i'm sure that everyone will be happy.

    and it would totally kick *** if you collected all of them!!!!!
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    I could only afford to buy two vintage deathstar playsets, but my original plan was to buy four of them and set them in a half circle and conect them together with different little things like on the top level they were connected by the final duel scene with the emporer, Vader and Luke, and the bottom was connected with (I dont remember what it was called) but it was a playset, no figures included, of the bridge that Luke and Leia swung across in A New Hope. Another would be connected with the detention block playset, different things to make it closer to the movie.
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