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    Really?? for whom was your vote my friend??
    As always...........L

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    When I can actually get into the site, I always love checking out the new Fall figures! Anakin Mechanic! Boss Nass! Security battle droid! Wow!
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    You obviously haven't been there recently. Did you know they're making a Bespin Escape Leia and a new Chewie, who looks like he might actually be the correct height this time? Oh boy! Can't wait!

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    Did you guys hear the stupid Duros won the poll, to bad Amanaman lost : hopefully they will make another poll and the A man can be in it
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    As Tycho pointed out, Removable Helmet Vader won the last figure tournament; but Hasbro goes and uses the picture of the horribly crappy 1995 Vader as the winner!

    Does Hasbro not even know it's own product? Or do they just not care?

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    They just don't care. i mistakenly sent an e-mail of complaint and used the only available e-mail address on the site that looked to be the right one, but got a terse reply telling me to gonk off and use the correct e-mail address for toy complaints. What kind of service id that that can't even be arsed to forward an e-mail? Disgusting! Seems to me they put far too much energy into those useless 360 figure moving thingies and not enough into their product database. Who the hell runs the website production anyway? wasn't it Paul@hasbro or something a while back? Whoever it was I seem to remember they said goodbye before the site changed it's image and since they went the place is absolutely gonking gonk!

    golly I'm forthright and incisive today........

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    I had the same problem using their e-mail system when I wanted to nominate some figures for the next fan-choice poll. I recieved and e-mail telling me I used the wrong e-mail address, but it was the only one they listed! What a load of crap!!

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    If they can't get the figures we want out,how can we think that they would have a good site?
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    They have a poll up now were you can vote for your favorite Artoo figure their five choices are:
    1. POTF2 Artoo 1995
    2. POTF2 with datalink, periscope and utility arms
    3. POTF2 shooting lightsaber (flashback)
    4. Ep1 booster rockets
    5. POTJ Naboo Escape

    Hey, aren't you guys forgetting someone? What about the COMMTECH Artoo???!!!! Yeesh, why do I even bother?

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    And also forgetting FX artoo. why that little sucker is a joy to my ears every day as I press his little tummy button and he chirps so happily back at me. How can they be so heartless as to miss him off their poll? I hang my head and shuffle sadly away from that sites existence. I won't be revisiting.


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