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    What is the timeline ?

    About what time does Eps III going to take place in reference to eps. 4. How old is Anikin suppose to be when he becomes Vader. Obi-Wan looks awfully old as in what they say that EPS 1 takes like 30 years? before Eps 4.
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    Obi-Wan doesn't look that old. Assuming he's in his early 20s in Episode I, that'll still make him in his early 50s by Episode IV. Couple that with the ideas that he's been living in a desert and a harsh sun as well as the emotional anguish he's been living with, and it's not surprising he looks like he's well into his 60s.
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    I thought Vader was in his mid 40's in Ep. IV? Let's see in Ep. I Anakin is 9, Ep. II 19. So in Ep. III it might take place 3-5 years after AOTC? & IV will take place 18-20 years after Ep. III. Just making a logical guess, thanks.

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    Thumbs up TV Guide confirms how many years between Ep II & III.

    There's a time line in the latest TV Guide that says Ep II takes place 22 years before ANH, and Ep III takes place 18 years before ANH, so that's 4 years between Ep II & III.

    Or did we already know this?
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    Nope, previous reports had it at 2 years, so this is new. This would better correspond with the timeline for ANH, since Leia and Luke are both around 18 rather than 20.
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    Rick said 2 to 3 years at C2. I always thought 5 years sounded good myself .
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    I'm confused - I thought TPM was supposed to be 30 years before ANH and AotC ten years following TPM. That would make AotC twenty years before ANH.

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    The TV Guide says TPM is 32 years before ANH.

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    Originally posted by Darth Nihilus
    I'm confused - I thought TPM was supposed to be 30 years before ANH and AotC ten years following TPM. That would make AotC twenty years before ANH.
    TPM is set 32 years before A New Hope, and AOTC's is 10 years later, so 22 years before ANH. So, TV Guide's 4 year estimate sounds about right, since the birth of the twins occurs in Episode III. It all depends on how old Luke is supposed to be in EIV, I always thought he was supposed to be 17 or 18.

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    Actually, the ANH script said that Luke was eighteen and Leia was sixteen.


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