Thank you Hasbro for improving quality and providing variety over the years. You've come along way since the muscle bound Luke in 1995.

There have been some wonderful figures made since then, but, due to lack of accuracy in detail, I chose not to buy them.

For example, the Bespin Security Guard was well proportioned. However, his jacket was open. Why would sculpters do that if the character was never seen that way?

Secondly, I would love to see a properly scaled Chewbacca. One who truly towers over other figures as he does in the movies. I think you've received similar feedback in other forums. The 25th Anniversary version was a step in the right direction, but, he was not upright and his crossbow was inaccurate (the bow faced out instead of in). As a result, I did not buy this set either.

Another note about the Han / Chewy set is that all the Hans I saw had a crack around his neck that looked like poor quality moulding. With current technolgy, this should be unacceptable.

The latest Bespin Han is a great figure, especially with the functional holster. Hasbro, I hope we see more functional holsters. However, the weapon was so flimsy, it could not be held in Han's hand withoout the aid of a rubberband. I realized this after taking the band off. I also noticed it had scarred Han's hand permanently which reflects the quality of material. A play feature is to put the gun in the holster and then have him hold it in his hand. The latter can't be done without having to reinstall the cumbersome rubber band. One would lose interest - what a waste of a good figure, all because of the weapon, or cheap hand.

You've made some great figures over the years. I particularly like the Scout Trooper, Bo Shek and Removable Helmet Darth. My only complaint with Darth, is that he too is not to scale. MAKE HIM TALLER so he can tower over the other figures as he does in the movie.

Thanks for reading Hasbro and may this feedback be constructive for you and be addressed.