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    Angry Insane Prices For New Figures

    To this day I still can't believe the insane prices some people are willing to pay for the new figures I mean don't get me wrong I want them just as much as everyone else but even I have some self control. At the Celebration I actually saw someone buying the exclusive figure for $200 instead of taking their chances online and possibly getting two of them for $20. I had about thirty people offer me anywhere from $50 to $100 for one of mine. When I told them no they were like ****ed. Hey I waited on line for two hours.
    At some of the tables in the hall people were charging $50 for the new Bespin Luke and Vader. I mean wait a couple of weeks and theyu will be in the stores and most likely falling off the pegs considering they are the main characters.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Um, Vader and Luke are already out.

    Tom Coglin does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation.
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    See why pay so much for a Dooku when in four months they'll be coming out 4 per case. I doubt I'd pay any higher than retail on most figures.
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    That wave has yet to be seen in my area. 50 dollars per figure just to have bragging rights that they own those figures before everyone else? I'd rather buy a Dooku from a scalper on EBAY.
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    I might pay an extra couple bucks at an online store for the figs that are impossible for me to find (*cough*Royal Guard*cough*), since I'd probably spend as much as that in gas and time trying to hunt them down in retail stores. But $50 for a figure that's already out in retail and will probably be super-plentiful in a few weeks? That's just absurd.

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    $50 each??? Good, God. I just bought a case of these figures at my local Wal Mart for $6 each.

    And, no, you can't buy them because I'm using them for bartering and trading. Sorry.

    Don't pay those scalper prices. There were several cases that hit the shelves in my area last night. I only grabbed the case to make sure I got my mint set, and then I planned to return the rest or trade them off (I'm not a scalper). They'll get to your areas, too, eventually. The only things I buy off E-bay are exclusives that I can't find anywhere else. And the price of hotels and airfare to go to Celebration 2 just wasn't going to happen, but I did buy one of the Jorg figures for $90. Sucks. but it was a lot cheaper than going to Indianna get my own.

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    It totally makes me sick to see what scalpers charge for SW figs - and makes me even sicker to see some fans pay that!
    I have had to buy only two figs (since '95!) off eBay because I couldn't find them myself - and even then I didn't pay more than $10 each. Sure, I want them, but not bad enough to break the bank for them.
    I think most real fans and collectors are pretty smart in knowing that most figs WILL be found eventually - it just requires patience and persistance. I sometimes wonder if these peops that pay these inflated scalper prices aren't so much collectors, but rather thinking they're making an investment for the future - or just don't care about their money.
    Case in point: I refuse to pay more than retail for any one figure (I won't even buy at KB cuz they're a couple bucks more!) - unless as previously stated it is an absolute last resort. Doint this I have managed to build a very large collection that I value highly. But few years ago, a friend of mine wanted to start collecting because he saw how much fun it could be. Well, he didn't have the patience and resorted to the weekly toy fares and trade shows to pick up his figures - and paid oftentimes 3-4 times more. He quit. But I'm still going.
    These are the types that keep scalpers in business, as the scalpers KNOW that there will always be 'fair-weather' collectors, and those just 'have to have it NOW' collectors.
    IMHO, scalpers all suck, and all are deserving of slow, painfull, poverty-striken deaths in their evil attempts of getting rich quick by ransoming children's toys. But if there are those that are willing to pay thru the nose for a piece of plastic, you can't fault them for trying.
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    well said....
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    My friend Kurt purchased Bespin Luke and Vader at Celebration II for 25 each. I was like, "Dude we're going to see them at Wal-Mart next week"

    Last night (er..uh..ok EARLY this morning) we got up there and found the stock clerk opening boxes. We sat there and asked if we could help her put up figures!

    She laughed and said, "See, that's why I love you star wars guys, you make my life easier!" haha

    But low and behold, there was Bespin Luke and Vader for Kurts dismay.

    However.............................the Bespin Luke he bought had the variant bloody stump while the 4 we saw from new boxes didn't...

    sooooo, my point is many who pay these prices are just fustrated they won't find it, but....sometimes they come out ahead if a variant shows up later. I'm not advocating the purchase of figures for inflated prices...I'm just saying I understand while it happens.

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    While that Luke stump would be cool to have (It is a huge variant), I wouldn't pay $25 for it... So he should feel bad Impulsive buyers, bah

    Oh, and Royal Guard is being included in most new cases, so sit tight, you'll get your new pegwarmers soon.

    Tom Coglin does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation.
    But he asks the impossible. I need more Monkey-Chow.
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