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    I know its not Saga, but B-Wing/Y-Wing questions

    Does anyone know a way to obtain a B-Wing or a Y-Wing without paying dearly for them on eBay, or any of these other stores charging alot more than retail?

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    Good luck my friend.There alot of decent people here and someone I'm sure will help you out sooner or later.Go check out buying and selling.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I'm a little bit more pessimistic than Dryanta. I think you'll have to take up being a cat burglar to find these at other-than-ebay prices.
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    I got my b-wing off ebay for like $39.00 . But that was the cheapest I saw it for

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    Ijust found this one act quick

    *note this isn't mine I just saw it for a reasonable price.
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