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    Unhappy Any Count Dooku Figs in SEATTLE AREA?

    hey anyone in the SEATTLE WASHINGTON AREA finding the elusive count dooku figure(dark lord), i have all of the figures but this one.
    if you have found one please let me know where and which

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    whats up from Seattle...

    dude, I'm sorry I haven't seen any of late hard one to get. Heres a place you might ask theres some other Seattlites on the board they give updates regularly.

    Good luck, they'll be around.

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    If you want you can go to this group. It is seattle star wars collectibles. I am the owner and when I find things, I post them. It isn't exactly very full of members yet, but I hope to bring more in. If you join, tell all your friends.
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    Over on the Eastside

    I was just at the Toys"R"Us in Bellevue and there was about 10 of them. I can run over there at lunch and give you an update.

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    Still more on the shelves

    Just got back from lunch! Still more on the shelves, secured one dooku and one yoda. Toys R us management told me that these two figures indeed are like one per box. Let me know if you are interested in these figures.


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