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    Cool Jones in my clones

    I've just finished sorting out the stuff that Brit C and I have scored over the past couple of years for shipment to you guys.

    I am sending the following packages; Baal was to get all of these and then send them on to VT, GSJ and Baal'jr, however there is so much gear to send I will probably have to split it. Before I forget, VT, I've still not received the Timminator's tape to send you, you may want to chase her up.

    Baal gets.......
    The 7 Rancors and all the miniheads - [Baala, if you want me to confirm what miniheads there are refer back to the thread in the old forums where I was listing them; or email me and I'll send you the list] - I'll also need a shipping address.

    GSJ gets........
    Micromachine Epic sets 4-6

    Baal'jr gets......
    Starship Troopers sets 1-3
    Terminator 2 sets 1- 3
    Predator Collection 3 (with the "goofy-lookin" Predator UFO in it to paraphrase someone)

    VulcanTouch gets......
    DC Sith inf
    DC Sebs PR
    DC Radiant
    PR pack 2
    Collection 11 EP 1 mms
    John Barry Themeology booklet and inlays
    present from Eeg'
    ID4 mms (loose - Alien attacker and US interceptor)
    Sith Inf mm (from the DM transforming head, I think)
    XIV St mms
    Collections 12 & 13 EP1 mms
    battered Queens Royal Starship
    2 mm AT-STs (loose)
    1 mm AT-AT (loose
    2 mm TIE Bs (loose)
    4 mm stands
    (note to VT, you may recall that the above loose mms are ones from my collection; when I locate all my mms I'll have a look see what others I can send in a future shipment)
    VT, I have received the MTT transforming playset and would be grateful if you would confirm what you want from it. It comes with some mm creatures (Faamba's Falumpasets, Eopies etc), about 5 BDs, and some Gungans too. I know you want the exploding AAT but there is also a really, really cool little MTT which I think you may like; it's too big to be in the mm scale but too small to be classed as AF. It's about 2 inches long and has firing cannons.

    LMK about the MTT playset and Timmer.

    Due to the size of this shipment and the weight constraints imposed by the Regina Federation, I am definitely going to have to split this package up in two. So what do you think the best way is. I propose a seperate Baal package and the rest go to VT for enroute-age


    DC Trade fed ship & Sandcrawler (hahahaha)
    2 x mms Classic characters set on grey/black stripey mm pack not EU
    collections 1-3 Aliens mms
    collections 3,3 & 1 Aliens mms
    EP1 mms collection 7 EU (DM, DM & Sith speeder, Nab SF, Nab pilot)
    Predator collections 1 &2 mms

    So speak up of you want these....


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    Thumbs up corrections

    confirming that i also take delivery on. . .
    -ep1 mm coll. 7 (for b'jr)
    -All aliens mms (for b'jr)
    -turning-turret aat (and ok, throw in bullet-firing mtt, maybe b'jr'll dig it )
    also, timmer already sent me a cdr direct, so no worries bout dat
    as far as i'm concerned, gsj's stuff may be enclosed in my shipment Or baal's, whatever's the easiest fit

    -1st & most important, SOMEONE ELSE HERE MAY HAVE EP1 MM COLLECTION 13, since i only collect mm ships, not mm figures
    -pod race pack 2 also not needed on this end- anyone else?
    -the t2 mm collection(s) that do not feature a ground Or aerial hunter-killer vehicle is not needed on this end either
    -am i to forward the ep1 dcs on to someone else? if not, those aren't needed on this end either
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    and amendments......

    RRrrrrroger on your corrections.

    Sorry about the EP1 collection 13, I got it muddled with the 2 you were having. Brit C sent this for me but for some reason I had it in my mind that it was Gungan Warriors, not Naboo-heads. I think the same is true for the Rep Cruiser and Seb PR but I am SURE the DC Sith INF is for someone else. BritC, can you confirm, plz?

    One last question VT, do you want me to open and discard packaging on any of these things?


    DC Trade fed ship & Sandcrawler (still available, of course )
    2 x mms Classic characters set on grey/black stripey mm pack not EU
    Predator collections 1 &2 mms
    Podrace pack 2

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    Jeddah: If you come across more EP1 MM sets 11-13, please keep me in mind. Also, if sets 14-16 show up I'll need them too.


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    Thats right Jeddah.

    I scored you the set 13, as I already knew that VT was a vehicle only man.

    I got him 11 & 12.



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    Arrow alright, so now that that's cleared up, isn't anyone gonna claim the #13??

    OR them diecast ships? isn't the sithinf rare??
    s43: don't worry, bc3 & jdah already know to keep All y'all in mind for Any quantities of sighted 11-13s (and me too for any 14-16s- provided they exist )
    jdah: if it helps w/size &/or weight, you may send everything o-o-p except following:
    -ep1mm pax 7, 11, 12
    -if you enclose gsj's 4-6 epics in mine, might wanna keep them in-pkg so he can see pkgs for himself
    -stmm #14 (if you still need to make room)
    -plz don't forget to enclose stands packed inside undertrays
    -also, b'jr likely wouldn't Need mm figures of t2 or predator "civilian" figures or non-scifi vehicles. he will, however, take any t-800 or t-1000 figures
    -aliens nostromo ship has a tiny gun up front which'll need a lil xtra protection o-o-p
    -of course, i don't have to tell you to wrap All o-o-p mm items w/sufficient security & separation so as to avoid any warping or paint abrasion, right?
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    Oh, just help yourself to my gear why doncha, Blanche?

    Slow Down ViTesse !?!?!?! As explained I put my EP1 mms in the wrong category - I've received so much from BritC that I got confused during my 3 hour sort out yesterday - thy're going on my Naboo Hangar when we move .

    What IS confusing is that the 3 EP1 DCs ARE available, and not mine. Today I found my Sebs PR & Rep Cruiser. BritC scored these for me and another 3 (including the Sith INF) for someone else a while back. If they're not claimed, I'd be happy to asimilate the Sith Inf to complete my DC set and send you the cash BC3.

    SWAFFY and GSJ have been a bit quiet for the past 3 days so let's wait and see what they say. They're probably for GSJ.

    I don't mind sending with the packing - I've been saving poly balls and pop-rolls and boxes or 2 years now so protection isn't going to be a prob either. I don't feel it would be as exciting if I removed these from the packages (Oh and I certainly won't remoive the EPICS from the boxes, GSJ as they're part of the attreaction IMO So I'll see if there's any more feedback before removing the packages......

    Getting exciting now innit!


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    I'll take those, thank you!

    2x Classic jammies, EP1 #13, and whatever other stuff that is MMs or AF that you still have.

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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Hey Jeddah

    I scored 4 of the Ep1 Die Casts for GSJ - can't remember which ones though, you'll have to ask him.



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    re: Jeddah's stuff

    I did not recognise anything in your list as being por moi. The only item I recall was a euro-Rancor, but I thought that was pilfered from your workplace a long while ago.

    I still need to get you the paypal information. I'll get off my a** and get that done asap.

    - Swafman
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