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    another luke

    Ok... I've seen the pic and it looks to me like he is leaning against the wall.
    from the looks of it this Luke probably doesn't even stand well on his own.
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    Re: another luke

    Originally posted by xboywonder
    from the looks of it this Luke probably doesn't even stand well on his own.
    Thats why he comes with Leia
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    when are these figures going to be released?? i sure hope they include R2 and 3PO, with that pod escape.
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    I've heard December is the official release date, which means most of us will see them three months from never.

    Why Hasbro didn't include Threepio and Artoo is beyond me.
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    I am rather surprised by this thread in light of the fact that long before the pictured Luke prototype, the finished product had already been shown. A picture of the boxed, finished product appears in the Picture Archives of this very site! Luke's awkward pose makes a lot more sense in the context of he and Leia poised to swing across the Death Star Chasm, complete with what appers to be a molded backdrop of the blast door and even the base of the inactive footbridge.
    Take a look and fear not about how cool this Luke really can be when completed. The 25th Anniversary sets appear to be more inclined toward great display pieces, hence the unusual poses. Out of context they are as useful as the bow-legged Biker Scout from the Speeder Bike or (worse) the Final Jedi Duel Emperor sans throne.
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    I'm pretty sure that was a mock-up of the box using old POTF2 figures. That's what I remember hearing, at least.

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    You can find the pic here on this site, the Luke is clearly the same. The left hand even has that small hole for the rope (which looks like poodoo IMO).
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