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    Disco Luke is here!

    Thats all I could think of when I saw this picture:
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    I also just thought of this: Those sneaky b@stards at Hasbro managed to slip ANOTHER Tatooine Luke under our noses. I guess they thought it'd been a whole year or so since the last one...........

    The Leia better be good.
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    Wow, I checked more into that Toy Palace Germany site. I had no idea The Phantom Menace translated into "Die dunkle Bedrohung" in German.

    As for the umpteenth Tatooine Luke, how are they gonna make a commemorative two pack without him? They just made an X-Wing Luke and a Ceremonial 2-Pack would just be two figures standing there. So I'm willing to let this one slide.

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    Toy Palace site in Germany?? do you mean the link didn't work or something.

    Obviously the commerative pack wouldn't work without him, my "sneaky Hasbro" comment was in jest. But I do wish he had more articulation, I don't like one pose figures.
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    No the link worked fine, I just got nosey and started checking out other stuff on the same site and stumbled across the Toy Palace in Germany thing.

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    Good lord...

    He looks as though he's going to fall over!

    What human being would stand in that pose?!?
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    Actually it's supposed to recreate the "swinging over Death Star chasm" scene. What they don't show is the prototype Leia that's supposed to be in his arms.
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    Put him and the 2-pack Han together, and they look like to guys that have had a really wild night.
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    Actually, Fulit, I thought of the old SW logo that had Leia with a gun held to the side and Luke with his saber over his head. I LOVE the old Kenner style packaging though on the 2-pack!
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    Hey evenflow....thats a good idea, I can see it now:

    Han: I sure hope we get to see some big American breasts tonight!

    Luke: Of course we will, after all we're..


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