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    Question Unique Kit Fisto Variation?

    I found a Kit Fisto with his tunic mounted wrong (front buckle is on his left side instead of the front). Has anyone else seen this error? Pic attached.
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    It looks like the tunic is just turned a bit. That can happen with any of the figures with seperate tunic pieces. I'm constantly re-adjusting the one on my loose Kit figure. It was just an error when the figure was put into the bubble.
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    I never removed one from the package, so I was thinking that it was mounted to the legs. It's turned almost 90 degrees in comparison to the others I've seen. Guess it's not all that uncommon, then?

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    The tunic is a seperate piece, so it can turn completely around. They all shift a little while being packaged, this one just seemed to shift a little more.
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