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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    I was under the impression, all your fooseball teams left because of cruddy attendance numbers, low merchandise sales, and an overall lack of enthusiasm for them. Not you specifically JT, but LA in general seemed to have an apathetic stance towards pro football and that's why your lovable Rams now reside about 5 hours south of me it St Louis: "The gateway to the West" (lordy what a silly slogan)
    That's why the Rams left, I believe, but the problem there was that the Raiders were the #1 team here in LA, and people weren't used to not cheering for the Raiders. The Rams simply weren't patient, it's hard when more than half the population of your city has been used to cheering for another team instead of you.

    Bel-Cam, I lived in Phoenix for 9 months and even was a fan of the Phoenix Suns, but it'd take a huge cash giveaway to me to get me to be interested in the Cardinals!
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    Correction, B-CJ.....

    NFL=National Felons League.

    Bring on the NHL and the KINGS!

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    Thumbs up

    REDSKINS!!! They lost awfully against SD, but i still hve faith in them.
    As always...........L

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    Re: At The Confluence.

    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    Oakland [Tusken] Raiders/KC Chief Chirpas
    That's awesome Bel-Cam, what are some other SW mascots?

    Chicago Bear [Clan].

    Dallas [Death] Stars.

    Washington [Coruscant] Capitals.

    Ottawa Senator [Whomevers (insert character name)].

    Phoenix [Twin] Suns [of Tatooine].

    Buffalo [Light] Sabers.

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    How about the Detroit Red [A-] Wings?

    The Minnesota [Skywalker] Twins?

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    Originally posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner
    The Minnesota [Skywalker] Twins?

    Not if MLB has anything to say about it.
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    Palpatine vs. Skywalker Twins = Selig vs. Minnesota Twins.

    Good ones, LBC

    Let's think of more . . .


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