I was wondering if someone out there could lend me a hand. I am going through my vintage collection and need some missing parts. I may possibly be able to get these parts from the person who gave me the toys, but I need to give them a little help as to what to look for.

I need photos (preferrably close up and not blurry) of the following items:

Ewok Village...

1) Drum
2) Throne
3) Throne Carrier
4) Spit
5) Spit Pegs
6) 3 & 4 Peg Fence
7) Elevator

Endor Rebel Trooper

1) Gun


1) Staff

Also, if someone could snap a picture of the Spit area of the main platform of the village that would be great. The area I'm actually interested in seeing a mint picture of is the indented circle next to the spit. It seems that there should be a peg in that circle, but looks like mine has broken off... that's why I want to see a picture to be sure.

My address is sdkelly@twcny.rr.com