Okay, as Toys Us are the Star Warts destination I went to my local on Saturday. They had a full rack of about 6 different figures. Luckilly one of them was Dexter so that wasn't too bad, but hardly a wide selection, and no 12" at all.

So today I popped into Woolies to see if they had restocked. As usual there was only Obi, Ani and jango-y. I asked the assisstant if they were going to get any different ones in. She very helpfully told me that there will probably be more waves released later. So, being the smug, fanboy git that I am, I pointed out that about 27 figures had been released and that maybe they may get some more soon?

Oh yes, 'when more waves are released' was the reply. I tried again to explain that they had already been released but got the same reply. Why don't these people listen?????

Anyway I walked round the corner and saw a brand new 'The Entertainer' that wasn't there two weeks ago. I went tripping merrily over, only to find that it doesn't open till Saturday!!! And you can see all the stock just sitting there, and they've even got the 'Atlantis' 12" figures for 3 each! Not SW I know but cool nonetheless.

Anyway, when Hasbro get this pigging webpage up and running I echo Jargo in that I hope they can advise us where we can get stock without having to pay postage onit all the time. Yep, I'm being a spendthrift and refusing to do mail order because I don't see why we have to!!!

Grump over now - I feel better for venting.