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    Set 7144

    I really need instructions for this set guys, i bought it when it first came out,put it together, and threw the manual away...Of course it finally came apart, and i really wanna put it back together. It is episode v, boba fetts slave 1.

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    use the drop down menu.
    its all there.
    oddly enough that is the only set which i have tossed out the instructions for. i built it at a friends house and just left them there and they got tossed.
    hope that helps.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    omg thank you so much...i have been looking so hard for that stuff. you are my savior haha!

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    nope, i'm getting that set for my birthday so i cant help yet.
    The force will be with you- always...


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