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    I'm sorry if the links are not working now...
    I'm gonna try find more...

    RooJay thanx for helping, got any of the BobaFett... The white version...

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    Hope these work...

    Go to this page and in the middle theres the CLone trooper concept...

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    Darth Ovori

    it works. thanx.

    go concept stormtrooper!

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    JT, when I walk into my local Wal Mart I see multiple toylines for figures like Power Rangers, Pokemon, and WWF (Now the WWE, I guess) and they have MUCH LARGER sections than the piddling SW POTJ section crammed up in with the Bey blades (how I hate the beyblades). I think different SW lines would actually increase shelf space, unless WM is particularly vindictive against Star Wars and cuts it down to one peg.
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    SOTE is a perfect economic model for this, it cut into the POTF2 cases stores were ordering and cut the POTF2 pegs in half, then when some of the figures stagnated badly and they KEPT getting in nothing but SOTE, POTF2 suffered lower case orders because "they were both Star Wars" and the stores had already ordered. It was a downward spiral that really hurt POTF2 for a while.
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    Honestly, I think I'd place more blame for SOTE on the marketing department. I'm just not so sure it was presented to retail buyers in the right way. That line, and the whole "mulit-media event" just wasn't what it should've or could've been. That and the fact that many of the figure designs for that line were horrible, and not very "Star Wars" at all. I think SOTE is a really poor example of what we all know COULD work if done right. I give Hasbro too much credit though.


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