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    Arrow Dear Hasbro, a line for Concept characters that never made it to the movie...

    I do feel that I'm bored 40 Darth Muals in different poses and packages...

    Instead of remaking movie figures how about a line of Concept figures that never made it to the movie...

    Theres hundreds of cool variations and chracters that never made it to the movie...

    Example, your COncept Stroomtrooper is too cool on your fan choice... And more figures like this should be made...
    A Stroom trooper with a Lightsaber is too much to pass up on...

    Thier different, fresh and not form the movie...

    I'll love to have a Concept Vader with ant/samuria head rather than a bespin vader...

    Hope you guys at Hasbro take note, since seeing you already did with the Ayla Secura request...

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    While I really like the new Besping Vader, and wouldn't mind seeing some of the other figures resculpted to be more accurate as well, I would love to see an entire seperate line of concept figures! This way, you can make as many versions of Luke and the other major characters as you can sell, and we still get something different for our collections! I can imagine all the diorama builders, and customizers (both breeds of collectors that are known to buy many multiples of particular figures!) would love to have figures of this type to add more flavor to their displays! The important thing to realize though, is that the overwhelming majority of us DO NOT want any of these figures IN PLACE OF movie oriented figures in the regular line. This type of line, as well as an expanded universe line would sell great ALONGSIDE the regular SAGA line, in my opinion! Please look into it!

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    Sansweet wrote a book called "From Concept to Screen to Collectible", so should we really be cutting out an important step of the process?

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    I want one of the Giant Concept Battle Droids (the one's that were twice the height of humans), and the Battle Droids with Jet-Packs.

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    Concept figures, I'd love to see these! Especially Concept Stormie, Concept Vader, Concept R2-D2, and Concept Chewie! That'd be a great start, so long as they weren't poorly-executed junk.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    i too would like to see a concept figure line up! Some fans want it with the regulare assortment or have it in ther own line up. then there are others who don't care for them. As for my opinion, i don't care where it's offered as long as it's made. As long it's a star wars figure, i will buy it! I can't have enough different star wars figures. HASBRO, more figures, PLEASE!!!!!

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    hey hasbro,
    If you look at this idea in light of the concept Air speeder,speeder bike,and cloud car,please don't.They were not done all that well.
    The ideas posted here would sell if done right.I would definately buy some just for the novelty of having them next to the characters that ended up being the final versions.As long as the charcters that did appear in the films don't suffer.Same with expanded Universe product.I personally wouldn't buy any but I know there are alot of people right here that would.Give them,your loyal customers ,what they want.You won't regret it.You will if you don't though.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I would definelty buy the concept figures, if done right of course
    I guess the concept stormie won't win because of the great demand for the dignatarie so please make a line for the concept figs
    or just make some figs like vader and a stormtrooper
    the normal line wouldn't suffer that much from it, I mean it's better then just another TPM Qui-Gon Jinn

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    Yeah, but Sansweet is just one guy.....

    Concept to Screen to Collectible has NO bearing on Hasbro making their money!
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