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    What did you think of the Official Star Wars Celebration 2?

    Wow! What a convention!

    Let's talk about it!

    At first glance, Star Wars Celebration 2 seems to have collected unofficial reports of being almost TWICE the size of Celebration 1 !!!

    And in terms of long lines (though a lot drier ) , Celebration 2 attendees' patience spans paid twice the price!

    In Denver, they planned for warm weather and an outdoor convention for 25,000 guests. But over 40,000 of them showed up and it rained on them while they stood in mud and froze like a TaunTaun all weekend.

    In Indianapolis, they planned for 45,000 and probably over 70,000 showed up! Wow! That's great in terms of fandom, but scary in terms of whether any of the guests could make the most of their shows.

    I think I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Indianapolis!

    I am fully on board for a Celebration 3, but making the most of the Indy convention took some effort and planning on my part. Things weren't THAT convenient for attendees at the show.

    But it was well worth the trip and Indianapolis was a wonderful city to have this kind of convention in.

    What did you think?

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    I didn't get to go. I am planning on saving up for C3 though.
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    didn't get to go, but heard mixed reviews.

    I hope to go to C III, but it will all depend on where its held.

    I wonder if George would be gracious enough to have it on his Skywalker Ranch on the back or front 100 acres? Have the last one with the man himself.

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    I took the whole family from 3 to 13 and we had a great time we really did. Indy was a great host. The draw back was the planning, We did not get to do alot because of the lines. We only did about four things the whole day and we were there the whole day. The waiting times for the line's were at 1 hr to 7 hrs. I would say on avg 3 hour wait times. They did not prepare for that much. They should have had better control of item's to make sure everyone attending was able to get at least one of an item. The fans were the best they made the show, every dressed up and loved to chat and take pics with my kids, even thoe they were not the real ones the kids thought they were. two thumbs up on this show. I thought it was great. But I dont think I can do another. It takes alot to do the whole day let alone 3. Agian two thumbs up fun and fans.

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    sorry should have said everyone who dressed up ooops

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    I don't collect the autographs and I skipped getting the Jorg Sacul figure, so that cut down on a lot of the time spent waiting.

    For example, one highlight was on Sunday, with Carrie Fisher on stage. Though no one got to ask her questions personally in that show, Anthony Daniels was excellent in asking the ones I would have!

    I can't say enough nice things about Anthony Daniels - and I was never a big C-3PO fan. But Anthony is way too cool!

    From Carrie, I learned an awful lot, too! She is excellent on stage. Watch the Empire Strikes Back again. When the Falcon lands at Cloud City and Lando first comes out to greet them, they were all drunk when they did this scene. They partied with the Rolling Stones the night before, until 5 am, and they filmed that scene only a few hours later that morning. The Empire Strikes Back - Special Brew Edition!

    Other highlights from Carrie to follow as I can remember them. It just seemed better to see her interact with everyone like that, than to hear a brief comment or two to the fans in front and behind of me in the autograph lines. Those were ridiculously long, and I think that was because fans either didn't know about the autograph pull option, or they wanted to see her one-on-one personally, for all the 15 seconds it would be worth to them.

    That's the main reason I didn't collect autographs.

    That I thought the Jorg Sacul figure was silly (I don't want any Lucas figure personally), nor did I even want Dak (in the snowspeeder), I didn't bother with the store either.

    In fact for me, shopping wasn't that good. The Eopiees were $75 each, so I turned them down. No Naboo Royal Guards to be sighted either. I don't know the price of the Ishi Tibbs, but one morning I went to Wal*Mart just outside of Indianapolis (but near my hotel) and got Mace Arena Battle, Jango Fett Final Battle, Darth, and Luke for $5.88 each. LOL - In Indianapolis with 70,000 fans there for the convention? OK. I told you about 6:45 am and waiting for the stores to open. Got 3 of each, but 1 of Luke and Darth.

    Though I took $300 to spend at the Celebration (on toys) and spent ZERO there in the dealers' room. Go figure.

    Meanwhile for me, the Concert on Saturday Night when the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Choir played all of John Williams' best Star Wars music with pyrotechnics and concert lights showing, plus Anthony Daniels hosting with R2, Darth Vader, and the 501st best soldiers standing guard - it was a really awesome treat! Many of the celebreties were in attendance including both Boba Fetts, General Veers, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and more. Wow! What a night!

    I went out downtown Indianapolis after the show and barely slept any night during the convention!

    So what else do you remember?

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    Didn't get to go, maybe next time.

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    I had a great time in spite of all of the long lines. I picked up a Naboo Royal Guard on Friday to complete my E1 series of figures. Friday was by far the least busy day. Fortunately, I did not have to wait in line for the Celebration store. My father-in-law went to the exit with a Wizards bag in hand. He said that he left his pen inside and they let him in. Thern my wife said that she needed to go in with him so that she didn't lose him. I was outside parking the car. They came out with a total of 8 figures. As many people found out, it was easy to switch from line to line in the store. That is why so many people left with more than the 2 a day that was suppose to be the limit. I didn't get to see everything. But I did see a lot. The best event that I got to see was the USC play Star Wars Trilogy in 30 minutes. I accidentally walked into the line on Saturday and then waited for over an hour on Sunday to see it again. I can't wait until I get my pictures back. Then I can see what I look like as a Star Wars action figure.
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    I had a terrible time. $30 bucks for the priveliege of spending more money. They didn't even start registering people until 1.5 to 2 hours after they were supposed to. The lines were ridiculous and the convention was poorly laid out. They didn't even have enough figures or t-shirts to begin to meet demand. I'm definitely skipping celebration 3.
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    I think I echo what a lot of people said about what improvements could be made.

    Now, I do stress that celebrity appearances cannot be garaunteed.

    But they should have:

    1) Published the event schedule way back when the tickets first went on sale.

    2) Asked people to assemble a schedule of events for themselves and offered them the little tickets they made you get to attend certain events (they were free, but required an additional line prior to the one to actually gain admission and sit down) so that people would know what they were doing ahead of time.

    3) Offered a discount for the passes if all you wanted to do was attend the smaller shows or shop in the dealers' room and view exhibits. (In other words, not attend big events like Hayden's or Carrie Fisher's).

    4) Kept a count on their ticket sales if they were only prepared to accomodate 45,000 or whatever, and had those available for the $75.00 with the predetermined tickets for specific customized event schedules (for us pre-paid attendees), then only sold the basic pass (no special events) to everyone over the top of their quota.


    That part was outrageous. But I resolved that and went over to the mall to eat when I had extra time and was sure I wasn't missing anything.

    But doing these simple things, as well as seeing if they could schedule Carrie, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, and more for at least more than one showtime with the fans, all would have made this Con perfect.

    It was that close to being that GOOD! I also stress that I loved the show and was very glad I attended!


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