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    Thumbs up Colorado: A New Hope

    Well Mountinous Dwellers, we are getting a new hope for the POTJ line (mostly) Went to TRU NO TIE Inceptor, till awile from now, Wal-Mart, Aurora, 2 Sabe's, 3 Bespin Guard's, 1 Ketwol, A whole bunch of Mon Calimaris, and 3 12" 4-LOM's. Target Aurora (Mississippi) 3X Ketwol's, 6xB-Wings, Older Poncho Gons, and Oldi Wans. Was gonna go to All C's, But they closed before i got there.

    So anything im missing, like maybe the Shmi, Vader waves, TIE's..


    By the Way: TRU, Billions of Dewbacks, 12" Sith Lords, and a lack of POTJ...
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Thumbs up

    I went to Breckenridge 3 yrs ago, and they had a superstore, just SW!! Maybe they will have the new stuff, the thing is since its been 3 yrs. i dont know if the store is still open.
    As always...........L


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