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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.

    now that they have been out for a while, who's...

    the most common, rarest, and do you have the whole set yet? we have 2 friggin guys to get yet! royal gaurd and taun we! why can i not find them????????

    most common in my area...anikan pesaint..(duh). rarest are taun we, royal gaurd, dooku, boba fett (belive it or not, the little has finally run low..), HD anikan, and yoda.

    let me know..............................
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Dooku, the royal guard, Yoda, and HD anakin are al pretty rare here. I have a yoda
    Most common are battle droid, super battle droid, Padme, and OPD Anakin.
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    Shaak Ti, Dooku, Zam Wessel are still only just beginning to appear in the UK. None of them were shipped for the 23rd. Bizarre as that sounds. TRU just started to get Zam in but the others aren't due in yet still. How totally bizarre.......

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    All 1-14 are easy to find here.......
    I got all 27 right now!!!!
    The hardest to find is Dooku, Yoda, Anakin HD, and Royal Guard...
    Now I just need to start looking for the Bespin Wave!!!!

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    Actually, there are 34 total now (well, 32 EP2 AOTC and 2 EP5 ESB). You're forgetting Wave 4. And, yes, I have them all including all of the background variants (as well as the Anakin OPD variant, the Padme Mole variant, the Luminari "Cloak", the Jango dull armor, et. al).

    But it wasn't easy, let me tell you. That represents a couple of midnight runs and a half dozen afternoon/evening runs to an average of 10 different stores per run. But at least I'm done until Wave 5 arrives.
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    I finally found a Yoda today, but that's the first and only time I've seen him around.

    Dooku, Yoda, HDAnakin, Royal Guard, and Luminara are the rarest around here.

    There's quite a few C3-PO, AnakinOPD, and Amidala's around.

    I saw quite a few Taun We figs today. If someone is having problems picking them, up, I'd be happy to trade for a Dooku or something.

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    Here in Holland Dooku is impossible to find...

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    I'm glad i got 2 Royal Guards when i did, I hid 3 others though some one found them or Wal-Mart put them back of the pegs one.

    I had the chance to get Yoda and Hanger Duel Anakin and passed, now I can't find them anywhere.

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    Guys, you know Royal Guards are going to get common again? They're shipping with the new waves... There's countless Royal Guards, Taun We, and Luminaras nowadays near me since we got the new waves.

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    I haven't seen any Luminaras in a while, but was glad I got her when I did. Wish I'd picked up two, but hey, I figured leave some for other people!

    I'm sure she'll turn up again.


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