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    Thumbs up I have to ask,who enjoyed Spiderman?

    I saw Spiderman and it was a pretty good movie,do you guys and gals agree?
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    SID, I have to agree. I saw Spiderman today and really enjoyed it
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    i saw it with mason this past weekend, and we both loved it.

    spider man was my favorite comic book as a kid, and it stayed fairly true to the comics.

    i only wish that for the movie, they had brought back spider man's original love interest, gwen stacey. mary jane watson was on,y introduced after the green goblin had killed gwen by throwing her off the top of the brooklyn bridge. (an amazing moment in the world of kids comic books, very sobering).

    now if only they would make some micro machines based on marvel comic books! (back on topic!)

    actually they did! pretty crummy ones at that
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    I liked it also. I saw it while at C2. There was a brief trailer for the Hulk next summer.

    Did anyone else see a boom microphone hanging down in a few scenes?

    Looking forward to the next 2 movies.
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    I saw it last weekend, really cool. Tobi Mcguire acts like a zombie, would of like to see an actor with more flare,but still action packed. Cant waite for Daredevil with Ben Afflect to come out! I didn't know about the hulk even better news!
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    SWAFMAN- I just read your post on the other thread. In the comics Harry (as well as a few other people ) take up the GGoblin mantle.

    The way that movie continuity differs from comic continuity, I wouldn't be too surprised if Harry creates Spider Slayer robots instead of Smythe, then Harry could also enlist JJJ too.

    Doc Ock would be excellent! They may also do the Lizard, since Dr Connors was mentioned.
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    dr_evazan22, if you saw a boom during the film then the theatre you saw it at had it framed wrong. I've seen a few movies that were presented wrong in a theatre. Really annoying to constantly see the boom enter the screen.

    I loved the film. I am a long-time Spidey fan and it totally exceeded my expectations. I too, wish that thye wouldn't have crammed decades of Green Goblin stories into one movie but it's okay. Ideally we would have had the origin story with Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin in the first film, then the death of Gwen Stacy and the Goblin in the second film but I'll live.

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    I really really enjoyed this film. I thought it was great in part because it was better than the sum of its parts.

    ... Swaffy feels I should link to my post about Spider-Man in the Movies section as well:
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    I loved Spider-man. Saw it twice already. I heard that the villian in the next movie will be Dr. Octopus.


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