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    Future Dooku figs you guys would like to see made?

    Darth Tyrannus (with Sith Lightning, it be sort of like Flash Back Emperor's, but with articulation in it)

    Count Dooku (Coruscant) (with knee articulation (and other leg articulation needed for it) so he can bow to his Master like Vader does in TESB, cause I figure he does this in the film, if not wouldn't hurt anything) and some kind of cool pack it, maybe a screen with the " Ultmate Weapon " plans on it, and a cloth cape/robe (whatever he wears)

    Deluxe Count Dooku (With Geonosian Speeder)

    You guys?
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    Count Dooku: Geonosian Arena - Comes with his chair he sits in and watches as Padme, Anakin, and Obi-Wan are about to be sacrificed to the Arena Beasties. If Cinema scenes are really coming back next year, pack him with Poggle the Lesser and Jango Fett w/ Poncho.

    Count Dooku: Jedi Master - How about a EU version of him, in his Jedi outfit w/ Jedi lightsaber. Heck, he would be more intresting then Maul. Maybe with Qui-Gon Jinn: Padawan Learner.

    I'll take the Speeder one, and the Hanger Duel version. Only other one I would like to see is a pack in with his ship.

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    The Hangar Duel version is effectively the one we already have.

    I'm sure they are doing the Dooku speeder though. With or without dooku, its coming I'm sure of it.

    On a side note, if anyone wants a Darth Maul with sith speeder, let me know. My TRU has like 25+ of them for $5. They just can't seem to sell them and I fear they will be tossed eventually. I plan to pick 1 or 2 up for myself at somepoint. Funny enough, a local collector shop has one for sale for $20. Guess he doesn't shop around.

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    The Hangar Duel version is effectively the one we already have
    True, though we need one with the sith lightning, and for a pack in he could come with the Droid that's on his ship (I forget what it's called)
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    I'd like one with a cloth cape and without leg gimmicks.
    2 lightsabers would be great, but I'd like articulation in both wrists.

    Binksy, that would be a great Cinema Scene!

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    Have to agree on the cloth cape- as long as it doesn't come out as badly as the one on the Obi-Wan 'Bathrobe' Pilot figure looks to be...

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    I just want a hangar duel one with articulation to hold his saber in both hands and enough articulation to stand in a normal "standing around/walking" pose

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    Count Dooku Hangar Duel:

    Articulation: Head, balljointed shoulders, swiveljoints above the elbows, cutjoints in the elbows, wrists, waist, hips, swiveljoint above the knees and cutjoints in the knees.

    Accessories: Lightsaber with metal handle and removable blade, cloth cape with real chain, 2 different Force lightning effects and holoprojector with Death Star hologram.

    Actions: Press pouch on his side to make ligthsaber slashing moves. Hilt can be attached to belt with magnet. Both hands are made of metal for Force attract action!

    Speederbike w/Count Dooku

    Articulation: Figure has head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Bike has adjustable stabilizers, pedals, and handles.

    Accessories: Figure has Lightsaber with metal handle and removable blade, cloth cape with real chain. Bike comes with missile, 2 blast effects and clear display stand.

    Actions: Figure's hilt attaches to belt with magnet. Bike features electronic sounds and exhaust lights-up. Insert blast effects on exhaust for added realism. Another button fires a concealed missile.

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    How about making one just like the one they have already except it wouldn't SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree Brent! I would love to see a Dooku without a weird arm or slahy gimmick. Just a BASIC Basic figure... with a cape that doesn't fall off!!! If they have to go cloth... do it like the Lando POTJ figure from last year!
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