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    Dooku, Massif, Orn Free Ta located

    Finally found Dooku and the other two at my Wal Mart tonight. I thought I was hallucinating! I gotta say, and I know I may get hammered here by everyone Still searching for Dooku, but as a DISPLAY figure I think he stinks. His cape is so loose, and the gimmick of the sword slashing has ruined him. His right arm (unless you squeeze the legs together) is forever locked in the same position. The leg squeezing stuff also makes an un-natural split at his waist as well. I hate to say it, but I think the mini Sidious is my favorite part about the figure! Massif is awesome, no real complaints other tahn the Geonosian handler being unable to stand very well. Orn Free Ta is beautiful. He is like Dexter: you know before you pull him free of the bubble that he's a great figure. A good amount of plastic for the money! Oh by the way I saw the new Qui Gon as well and picked it up long enough to shake my head before I threw it back in the river with his new pegwarmer buddies.

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    How many points of articulation does the Massiff have?

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    Saw the new waves today, and finally got Dooku!

    That's right, Taichi has joined the ranks of those who are starting to find Dooku popping up in several more cases.....

    here's the deal......went to my local Wal-Mart at 3:30 this morning, and went straight for the Saga figures......

    saw Qui Gon, Massiff, and Orn Free Ta.......AND the new Endor Rebel Soldier

    rounded the corner, and there were five cases, that appeared to be ransacked.......

    after digging through them, and thinking that I had just missed Dooku, I actually found both of them, still in their case!!!

    apparently somebody (I'm assuming it was an employee) had opened the cases, and simply abandoned them.....

    I pretty much had the pick of the lot......

    The New Mace and Jango aren't really anything special....One Jango was already missing his head.......and I hate BOTH new Mace's.......

    I also saw the new Luke and Vader.......Impressive.......Most Impressive!!!
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    Well sure you had your pick of the lot. You were there at 3:30 am for crying out loud

    I bet that's a great feeling though. Freshly opened employees around to give you flak...ahhh.

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    That's cool!

    By the time I got to Wal-Mart this morning on the way to work, the Lukes and Vaders were gone (but I found a Vader at a different store). I managed to forage enough to find all of the rest of the figures, though... someone had hidden a big stash of them behind some board games (hehe). They also had massive amounts of Dooku, Yoda, and HD Anakin.

    So, for anyone who payed $30 on Ebay for a Dooku... Haaaaa haaaa (trying to do my Nelson impersonation from the Simpsons).

    Now... if only Bespin Luke would show his scarred face to me...

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    I'll have to double check when I get home, but I believe it is pre-posed with no articulation.

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    That sucks, isn't it the main figure, and the Handler the pack in? Or is the Massiff the pack in?

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    I want a dooku, but i refuse to pay ebay prices
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    Exclamation yes! after 3 weeks of surching, we finally got...

    taun we, royal gaurd, qui-gonn, endor soldier, massiff, and orn free taa!!!!!!! but the funny thing is that our local wal-mart hasn't got the bespin wave in yet...shouldn't they have gottten that before the massiff wave?????????it's all so confusing....

    oh, and we got the zam variation, the one that says "with face-reveal mask!" what a day!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    congrats on the find Hango
    The force will be with you- always...


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