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    Howard Stern ripped AOTC

    I just heard him say he was disapointed in the movie. Robin and Fred did not like it either. Only Artie seemed to like it.

    On a plus side, he said it was definitely better than TPM.

    Has anyone else heard any other reviews?

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    Like anyone really cares about his opinion. If he didn't like it then it must really be good then. Now I'm even more excited to see it.

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    Howard is entitled to his opinion, and I respect that.

    But I invite everyone to keep the following perspective: This man claimed he was going to redefine moviemaking with his biopic, "Private Parts."

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    Not enough nudity for Howard.

    That's my guess.
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    That and the lack of lesbians. LOL

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    LOL He's just a Pervert anyway.

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    He has to stay in character, thus he's not allowed to like the movie. He's trapped himself in a "cynical, grumpy, pervert" stereotype, so liking a Star Wars film would cause his fans to see him as a sell-out. Thus, his entire personality is an act, he probably loves the movie.
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    big barada,

    i gotta disagree with you there. howard went on and on how he loved spiderman, before it was released to the general public.
    i just think he is not a real star wars fan.

    i listen to him on a regular basis, and he's pretty straight forward about what he likes. and he'll say either he likes something or not.
    howard stern is a lot of things, but false isn't one of them.
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    Derek is absolutely correct, he totally loved Spider-man and admits to reading comics. He said it was slow at the beginning the last half hour was awesome...

    Oh well, time will tell.

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    I read the full review and he wasn't completely negative.
    He still recommends it, even if just to take in the scenery. You're right, he did say it wasn't as good as Spider-Man.


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