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    never to get the Tonnika Sisters

    Adam over at Yakface says that he has learned that we will never get figures of the Tonnika Sisters.

    I would think that unless you are someone extremely famous and you appear in someone's movie as one of their characters that that person would own the rights to the image of you as that character.
    Why didnt someone have them sign some kind of release form?
    Why cant/ wont they sign one now.
    Wouldnt you think that they would be honored/flattered to have themselves made into action figures.

    Does anyone have the real answers?
    Im tired of these answers we get from Hasbro on things.
    I remember that all that was said was something about them not signing something way back when.

    Isnt there something that can be done??

    What are your thoughts on this??

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    I posted this over in another thread but I'll be glad to do it here as well.I read somewhere that Lucas owns the characters but not the actor's likeness.The story revolved around Sabastian Shaw(Anakin ROTJ) having died before the film was even released.His family had to approve the use of his likeness for Kenner and Later Hasbro..I also believe Harrison Ford commented on this too.Same with any ilustrations of their likeness.I'm sure they all did sign a release of some kind,but it has a loophole for the use of their likeness.Royalties or something?Would I be flattered if it were me? Yes.But for what ever reason(money?) they are not.
    I think if Hasbro were to alter the likeness at all to get around the consent it would end up in court,drag on forever,we wouldn't get the figures and Hasbro would pass it's law expenses on to us.So as much as I'd like the figures I don't want to split the law fees with you all to get them.
    Just an idea,could we all get together,find these ladies and present them with a huge petion requesting they allow this?Would that appeal to them more than Hasbro has been able to? I don't know just a thought.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Hell yeah, I'd sign it!

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    It doesn't bother me really that the Tonnika sisters won't be made, but I really wish they would make more female figures in general. I know they don't sell as well as male figures, but still...
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    It's funny that the female figures supposedly Don't see as well. Because in each and every wave that has them it's the female figures that nobody can ever find.

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    You guys want a female figure, well Yarna D'al Gargan is the female to choose. I want her made. Come on, that is the female figure we all need.
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    Originally posted by mark2d2
    It's funny that the female figures supposedly Don't see as well. Because in each and every wave that has them it's the female figures that nobody can ever find.
    sometimes, but not necessarily. Padmes not moving any faster than other figs. and Shmi Skywalker & Leia Bespin figures were all over the pegs in stores here in Dallas.
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Saga Padme and POTJ Bespin Leia are dripping off the pegs around here. Deluxe Leia with Sail Barge Cannon is too. I dunno about the female figures not selling well though, I think it just depends on the character. If Hasbro reissued some new badass version of Mara Jade I bet it would fly off the pegs. Then you have characters like Shmi Skywalker...sorry, just not a very interesting character or figure. Plus there just aren't a heck of a lot of dominant female characters in the SW series aside from a few. There are many more prominent, exciting male characters, and thus they make for more desirable (in most peoples' eyes) figures.

    That being said I'm always up for more Cantina patrons/background filler-type figures. I'd sign some sort of petition. Even though 99% of web petitions accomplish absolutely nothing. Anybody want to organize one?

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    Next to an accurate Dr. Evazan all i want to complete my Cantina scene is the Tonnika Twins, so make 'em Hasbro! I'll sign every petition for these two ladies.

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    Can't Hasbro just put different likenesses on the characters? McFarlane toys didn't have permission to use Arnold's likeness; but that didn't stop them from making a T2 version of his character with a different face. It seems that this would be much easier than trying to track these two women down.
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