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    Ronto & Jawa Question

    I have 2 Ronto & Jawa combos. I had thought that I lost a gun to 1 Jawa... but now as I am going through my entire collection and inventorying (it's all boxed up at the moment because my wife and I just bought this house 6 months ago and I haven't gotten around to creating the 2nd of 2 rooms she gratiously let me claim for myself - had to setup the computer room first ) and I find that I also have aparently lost the instruction set to one of them.

    I just went through and put all of my instruction sets into a manilla mailer envelope for safe keeping and could have sworn I had 2 Ronto sets when I came across only 1 instruction sheet. I figured I mistook my original count and then went through and found all my POP's and decided to sort them from normal POP's and ones with Jedi Master Points (I'm a bit anal I guess LOL) and came across 2 Ronto POP's.

    This brings me to my question: Has anyone ever gotten a Ronto w/o a Jawa Gun or Instruction set? I find it hard to believe that, out of my 200 or so figures and ships, I have only lost a Jawa Gun and Instruction sheet from a Ronto/Jawa set.


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    Yes you are anal, but thats alright, I am too not to the point where I care about instruction sheets, but I have to have perfect cards and bubbles. To answer your question, NO, but Kenner/Hasbro has been known to screw up "From Time to Time". I bet you just misplaced it or left it at your old house, the gun at least. I lost the jawas gun too, but I think I have another one if you want it. LMK
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    It's a regular Jawa Gun from the POTF Jawa's then sure, I'd love to get it as a replacement. I do find it weird that I lost the gun AND instructions though.

    The reason I want to keep them is so that in 20 years or so, when people like me are looking for information on instructions and what not, I can post them on the web like other have so gratiously done for vintage stuff.


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