I'm looking to trade or possibly purchase a C2 figure from a kindly forumite. Ideally, I'd like to have one on card and one loose, but I'll settle for a loose one (i.e., the card can be trashed, etc.). Here's what I have to trade:

--all MOC--
Ep. 1 R2-B1
EU Leia Dark Empire
EU Luke Dark Empire
EU Clone Emperor
Preview Clone Trooper

I will be willing to trade 2 of the above for one C2 figure. I believe this is a fair trade since the C2 figure was only $10, and I paid, on average, between $6 and $8 dollars each for the figures above. Please e-mail me if interested (click the 'profile' button below my signature for e-mail address).

I'm only looking to trade for a C2 figure at this time, as this is just about the only figure I'm missing (well, except a vintage Yakface! ).
Thanks for looking.