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    Talking Scalpers: The truth…

    This is the link you get when buying an over priced figure from ebay. It really is trying to bring home the fact that you should just save your money. Do you think it is strong enough, or will people still not get the message? Thoughts opinions?

    scalpers link

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    Thats funny, if it were true, it would be great. Good one Yu.
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    That song is cool, but a little over the about the flashing graphic plus a simple Nelson-esque "Ha-ha!".

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    damn it my pc doesn't have sound at the moment...

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    Crap, I opened that up in a very quiet library. Good thing it didn't say, "You are a *(&$$^# idiot."
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    I just open this in the middle of a computer class withh the volume turned all the way up. Everbody in class got a kick out of it, then it was reverberating over 25 computers

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    I donn't know. Maybe?
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    Um, can someone elaborate on exactly what the sound is? I have no speakers on my computer.
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    It sings you are an idiot and it laughs at you.
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