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    That 70's Show & ANH

    DId anybody see (or hear) the analogy Eric (Topher Grace) made in yesterday's show? He was going to a motel to stop Donna from making out with her new boyfriend. He knocked on the door to the wrong room and Tommy Chong(a regular cast member) answered. Tommy asks eric what he's doing. Eric responds with something like "I'm here to rescue Donna, You know kind of like Luke Skywalker" He then does his best detention block AA-23 stance and says "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you."

    I fell off the couch laughing. That is a really funny show.

    Just wondering if anyone else saw it.
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    Yeah it was good. I love Tommy Chong and the remark he made about not bothering to ask if Donna was in the room with him.
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    did you guys see the episode where ANH is just out and Kelso wnats to wtch it all the time? that episode was hilarious
    and at the end the parents go to watch it and Red says what the kids like about this movie, suddenly there is a big flash and laser sounds and Red just says: "Wow..."
    some funny stuff

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    Yeah, theres even an episode where they all dress up like the characters too for a dream like sequence.
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    Yeah those episodes were cool it seems Star Wars is in alot of shows and movies like seven where Brad Pitt makes reference to


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