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    Sebulba and Aurra Sing?

    Pardon me if this has been discussed, but I thought Sebulba and Aurra Sing were both confirmed as returning for E2 several months ago. I have read the novelization and they are nowhere in it. Am I missing something? A brain, perhaps?

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    Sebulba isn't in the film but there are 2 Dugs in Dexter's Diner on Coruscant, and for Aurra Sing, I don't know if they ever planned for her to be in it or not.

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    Aurra Sing is not in E2. I never thought that she would be. If anything, I suppose they could have substitued Zam for Aurra or Vice Versa.
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    Damned Lucas and his gimmicky bounty hunters. Why have Aurra standing around in E1 for 2 seconds if.........sigh.........nevermind.
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    Aurra Sing, Aurra Sing... She only became a Bounty hunter in the visual dctionary if memory serves me which is written in the vein of the EU. Complimentary to the movies but not necessarily accurate. The visual dictionary for AOTC has several entries that actually contradict themselves. It's not really Georg'es doing that Aurra was hyped. That's down to lucas licensing and the writers of the books. They take notes from George's notes that are oftentimes abandoned as the drafts of the movie progress. George may have intended originally for Aurra to be a bounty hunter and possibly he intended to use her more but then thought of something better or decided to leave her as just a spectator. An incidental character like the Jawas who watch the race.
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    The thing that gets me about Sing is her fingers. How are you to be this bad*** BH if you can't get to your weapons trigger? Hun?
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    I think Sebulba is in the film (as is Tyrell... I think thats his name)

    They are flyin in a car or taxi or something on Coruscant.

    The reason I know this is that in the Star Wars Insider issue #59 page 13, upper right hand corner there is a pic..... (although I guess ILM could have made it just for this magazine)

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    The Dug in the taxi with the Ratts Tyerell critter is the same one from the diner. I just checked all the piccies I've got and he's the one with the red outfit that has studs on the collar and he has slicked back hair. The Ratts Tyerell character is probably female and was mentioned in the holonet news site reports about attempting to ban podracing. She's a senator I think. Could be wrong though.
    But there is a second DUG in the diner. If I remember correctly, the Dug's names are Rednax and Seboca.

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    IIRC, Aurra was designed as "Babe Fett" and intended to be in AOTC and E3. Maybe the EU hype turned her into a character GL didn't care for, and he swapped for Zam Wessel?

    I haven't read Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive, but I understand the whereabouts of Aurra are addressed in that book.
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    IIRC, Aurra was designed as "Babe Fett" and intended to be in AOTC and E3. Maybe the EU hype turned her into a character GL didn't care for, and he swapped for Zam Wessel?
    I don't think Aurra was ever designed to be anything other than an extra. People just liked the way she looked and she was given an EU backstory. But there's no proof that she was intended to be in anything other than Ep1.
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