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    Where does Boba go after fleeing from Geonosis?

    Does it say in the novel? Does he actually pilot the Slave 1 and leave Geonosis?

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    The novel doesn't say. However, in the new book "Fight for Freedom (or Survival)" is about young Boba and it says everything he does before, during, and after AOTC. He ends up working for Count Dooku.

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    He joins a support group for orphans of single parent decapitated bounty hunters.

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    He takes the ship and visits a respray establishment somewhere in the backwaters of the galaxy and gets Slave-1 resprayed in the maroon and grey colour scheme we see all battered in the OT. Then he goes joyriding in it. and runs old ladies in clunky old fashioned station wagon like ships into asteroid clusters and lurks behind people until the y try to escape and mistakenly head off into nebulae and get totally lost and are never heard from again. He speeds through restricted shipping lanes dodging the traffic and driving dangerously while drunk. He gets involved with fast women and loose speeders. betting and carousing and betting and drinking and debts and debts and debts and then a run in with jabba who hires him thinking he's Jango. Thus the bounty hunter gets his first job and finds he has a taste and a talent for it all. He resprays his armour and LO! Boba Fett - bounty hunter for hire is born.

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    Here is the synopsis for "Boba Fett: Fight for Survival" from TheForce.Net. Since it's supposed to continue off from the end of Episode II, it can be considered pretty much cannon. Of course, EIII could change anything that happens in the books.

    The first 2/3 of the book recaps what happens during Episode II. We are shown the relationship between Jango and Boba through scenes that happen off screen during the movie. At least one scene of Jango and Boba fishing on Kamino comes straight from the Salvatore novelization. There are some interesting things explored in this book such as Boba being jealous of the clones, him longing for a mother, his infatuation with Padme, and his early hate of the Jedi. He becomes more shocked and confused as he sees the Clone Troopers, copies of himself and his father, aiding the Jedi who just killed his father. It's a rather deep exploration of his character considering this is a young reader's book.

    After Jango's death, we see Boba retrieve the armor, bury his father, and leave Geonosis. Since Jango knew he could be killed one day, he put together a video "book" to help Boba in the event of his death. Boba periodically opens it and it spits out words of wisdom like a Bounty Hunter fortune cookie. Boba Fett begins a quest to reunite with Count Dooku to collect his father's money, then plans to meet up with Jabba the Hutt for "knowledge". As Boba Fett tries to track down Dooku, he is repeatedly screwed over by everyone he encounters. He gets a harsh dose of the real world. Matters are complicated when the Jedi put a bounty on Boba so he can be brought in for questioning. Things take an interesting turn at the very end when Boba Fett meets up with Aurra Sing who is also working for Count Dooku. Does this mean that we'll be seeing Aurra Sing working with Count Dooku and Boba Fett to hunt the Jedi in Episode III?

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    I'm still operating under the old rumor that Boba Fett is a woman.

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    What does Boba do? The same thing he did in the OT... Absolutely nothing!

    Nepotism at its worst right there.

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    PAH! That's Lucasfilm for you..... "Oh, so your Rick's cousin three times removed, have a job. And you're Jango's son, have a job..." Pah!

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    Is Boba still a kid when he meets up with Aurra... ???

    I just wait to see how Boba and Darth Vader meet each other... ???

    And what is meant by "his infatuation with Padme" I wonder if Anakin knows about this... arrghhh Dark Side, Jealous...
    But I'm sure everyone feels the same about Padme...

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    I'm still labouring under the assumption that Boba Fett is a useless incidental character.

    ... that and he goes to Disneyland after AOTC.
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