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    Yoda in repulsorlift chair?

    Could this be the Deluxe Yoda? Though I'm thinking he may just come with the Crane from the Hanger Duel.

    If not, I hope they do make Yoda with the chair later on.

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    That would be cool. Give him a larger council chair in addition to the hoverchair.
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    or a hell lot of force lighting!!
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    I'd rather have him with the crane. O Yoda sitting on a chair just doesn't do it for me. It was fine in Ep1 because that's all he did.

    But now that I've seen him actually kicking *** Jedi-style, I don't want figures of him doing anything else!
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    Last I heard is it's the crane that Dooku tries to drop on Anakin and Obi-Wan. I am not sure that we could get a decent Yoda in his lil hoverchair, that would be able to come out. Not without making the hoverchair bigger then it is in the movie.

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    Yeah, the hover chair is REALLY thin, so it wouldn't really make a good accessory by itself.
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