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    Trading all 3 3/4", 12 figures, vehicles, misc.

    I have tons of newer figures to trade...

    if interested check out my site for a complete listing.

    or email me...

    1.Trade any carded for loose, but I'd like to get that figure back I had carded in loose + others loose (depends on rarity of figure).
    2.Trade carded for carded (I don't need many).

    (PLEASE make a reasonable offer like you would want to be made).

    **Not everything on the lists are guarnteed to be on hand b/c its on first come first served and I don't have the time to keep updating the site. I usually follow book prices, shipping and handling (which includes insurance) is paid by individual unless amount being traded is unbalanced.
    I have many figures 4sale (for sale) & wants, use the link below to view them, or check out my site (

    [URL=]Star Wars Collection[/URL]


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    Jorus C'boath


    Hey hey,

    I am interested in possibly trading or buying some of your Vintage Carded...however I can't get your site to work. If possible, please email me a list of what vintage carded you have at:



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