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    Looking for AOTC Battle Droid...

    With the background insert.

    Bought one on ebay, the picture showed the insert, but the figure does not have it. grrrr

    Anyway, I don't have much to trade. But I can do some foot work. If you have one of these for trade, and are missing some SAGA figures, send me an email .

    I know where I can get Dexter Jetster, Anakin HD, Luminara Unduli, and almost all the other figures except Dooku and Royal guard.

    Looking for a 1for1 trade.

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    I know where I can find one locally if you happen across the bloody bespin luke variation. I'd gladly trade. Let me know if you find one before someone else trades you. Thanks.

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    I'm afraid that will only happen if I find 2

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    Originally posted by Darth-AWT
    I'm afraid that will only happen if I find 2
    Well start looking!

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    I probably can still get one at the locat TRU. I have most of the AOTC except the newest figures.

    Orn Free Taa

    Eeth Koth
    Royal Decoy

    Let me know what you think.
    Laugh it up Fuzzball

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    Hey R2-D2 I can get both Eeth Koth and Sabe the royal decoy if you still need them. Email me at if interested and also send your haves. I need alot of POTJ as well as AOTC.

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    Can you get a Dexter Jettster W/Background Card I have Like 3 Super Battle Droids and Battle Droids W/BG Cards


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