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    Unhappy Yaddles dead........

    I just got my copy of AOTC the illustrated companion by Marcus Hearn published by Ebury press and licensed to Lucas books. On page 55 it says:

    "Jedi council members Yaddle and Yareal Poof have died since the battle of Naboo"
    Oh my God, they killed Yaddle. You bastards! We knew about yareal being assasinated but Yaddle's dead too now. I can't believe they killed her off. I really liked yaddle. Even if she was just used in the background it would have been cool to see her. Why Yaddle though and not Oppo goatboy Rancisis? Bloody idiots!!!!! I don't want to see the movie now. My appetite has been dulled since recieving this news, I go into an extended period of mourning and will adopt the Yaddle avatar out of respect for the dead...... *bows head in sombre silence*
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    they killed Yaddel,Danm. how did it happen.
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    This truely is a sad day. I never really care much for Yareel Poof, but it was nice to see another member of Yoda's species in the movies. They should have killed off Even Piell instead, I don't like that quasi reject Yoda at all. I know they probably did it because just like Yareel Poof, she would have been a pain to CGI in the arena, but still.

    I don't hate Oppo Rancisis, but I hope we get to see him fight in the arena. I like the idea of a Star Wars charecter that isn't basically huminoid in shape. But Yaddle did not deserve to die outside E2, so they can kill her off in the comics. She darn well better get an honorable death.

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    It doesn't say. That's all the information I've found. Just a single line in a book. No obituary or eulogy or anything. Pitiful that a great Jedi like Yaddle gets no respect. I'm going to urge hasbro to immortalise her in their upcoming Jedi council cinema scene pack. She deserves something and that's the least I can do..... *sniff* I'm - I'm just too overcome with emotion to - to type any more right now....... *sniff*

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    That's EU and in my book, doesn't count.

    They're alive and kicking until I hear it officially.

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    Well, they arn't in Episode II, so consider them dead. Shaak Ti has Yaddle's old seat on the council, and Coleman Trebor has Yareel Poof's old seat. Any of the EU that takes place during the movie timeframe has to jive with the next movie, so it's usually kept strictly controlled. Outside the movies are all non-cannon stories and the writers have more freedom.

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    This is from the oficial behind the scenes book by marcus hearns that was advertised on the official site a few weeks back. It has pages and pages and pages of stuff that ties the OT to the prequels and tons of behind the scenes articles and information, Designs and artwork from the new movie and in depth character biographies. There's one page with a big paragraph about who's on and off the jedi council and that's where I got the info from. And all the information is culled from official sources. This is it, the official nod that Yaddle is dead. It's okay though Battle droid, I know this must have come as a shock to you too and you're just in denial over it all. In time the pain will heal believe me. Time is a healer they say and how bloody true that is. I've amended the Yaddle avatar to show true respect to the green one. I'm Sensing that the truth will slowly dawn on most people when yaddle just isn't in the movie...............

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    Couldn't Yaddle and Yarael just be on a mission in Ep2?

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    So what, they had like what? 2 minutes of screen time put together and no lines? whats the big deal, life goes on with or without a background character(s).
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    See? You're in denial and not hearing the words I speak. It's officially announced in the official behind the scenes book to go with the movie, Yaddle died between the movies and Yareal was allegedly assasinated. It's hard to hear the truth in this brutal impersonal way over the internet but it is - it's true. Yaddle and Yareal are dead.

    So what? So why get steamed about any character in the saga - because you like them that's why. Are Chewbacca fans happy that they dropped a frickin' moon on him? NO! Am i happy that they killed off a great looking character and replaced her (Yaddle)with a clown and him (Yareal Poof) with a pterodactyl head? NO! Why? Because I liked those original characters and would have liked to see more of them. Yaddle didn't say anything but she looked like she had plenty of character. Yareal looked old and wise and like he had a lot to say. Shaak Ti looks ready to entertain the bear clan kiddies with party balloons and that pterodactyl headed Coleman Trebor looks like a muppet reject. About as realistic looking and lively as a statue in the Jedi library.
    I harumph in your general direction.
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