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Thread: Yaddle petition

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    I would like to put my name on that too. have an entire Jedi would love to a complete Jedi Council.
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    Chux, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

    The Jedi authorities are saying it's best left unsolved.
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    I would definitely want a Yaddle figure too. We don't see too much of Yoda's species in Star Wars so Yaddle would be a welcome addition. I also liked her story from the Star Wars Tales comic book.

    If they make a Yarael Poof, how hard would it be to give him a bendy Gumby-like neck?
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    Yeah Yaddle gets like one line in the behind the scenes book saying she died between the movies (I'm guessing it's a Norma Desmond thing, y'know? ) And that's all she wrote. I guess it's up to the EU comic book writers to fil in the relevent riduculously contrived details but no more information is available as of yet.

    Yareal with proper legs all four arms with two under the robe and a bendy neck. I'm all for the bendy limbs and necks idea to make the Dianoga a possibility so trying it out on Yareal would be a good idea.
    I realise there's a safety issue, but there are toys made by companies like Mattel that achieve a high level of safety so Hasbro could achieve it too without a lot of compromise or loss of detail.

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    I would love to see a Yareal Poof figure too. I hope they get made.
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    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    Please make Yaddle! And Oppo Rancisis too.
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    Poor little, green and overlooked Yaddle. Now she's dead... Hasbro... you are now OFFICIALLY obligated to making her. We are gonna miss her.

    oh, yeah... and that Yarael Poof that went "poof"... make him too.

    Oh... and that big fatty Yarna...! A non-fan friend of mine was watching "Jedi" the other night on Fox. The next day he asked me if they ever made "that fat dancer". He said they should because she is "pretty remarkable"!!
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    I'm in.
    I've been wanting all of the Jedi council for a while.

    And then the new council members - one of whom has already been made - Shak Ti. SO that leaves the other - I don't know the name.
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    Coleman Trebor. He's creatively named after ILM staffer Robert Coleman. I preferred Sarr Labooda myself but they went and changed his name to Coleman Trebor....... Silly Pterodactyl headed goofball. Look at the size of his shoulder pads! That is soooooooo 1984........ UGH!

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    My 2 cents would be to get all the jedi coucil members!!! Why wouldnt they make em all?? George gave them alot of new aliens to work with so Hasbro better get started here soon.


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