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Thread: Yaddle petition

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    I realise there's a safety issue, but there are toys made by companies like Mattel that achieve a high level of safety so Hasbro could achieve it too without a lot of compromise or loss of detail.
    Oh I see the problem with Hasbroken.......I hurt my friends with Yarael Poof head
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    Now that Yarna is on the way, let's go going on the Yaddle paddle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Now that Yarna is on the way, let's go going on the Yaddle paddle.
    Didn't they already make a Yaddle figure?
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    They did. She's in one of the Jedi Temple sets.

    Back to Yarna.

    Thank you sincerely Hasbro for making this figure.
    It looks to be a well made figure and will gladly be collected by many a fan.

    Please do not overload her in cases of figures as we don't want her to pegwarm. Shortpacking in this case might not be a bad thing as you can release here in later case assortments if it's found she is being bought up and not left on pegs.

    Again a most sincere thank you for immortalizing this character in plastic!
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    Well...then let's get an improved resculpt of Yaddle on a single card.

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    Yaddle is a poop figure with the same detail level as the pice o carp episode one yoda. they should do a yaddle the way they've done Tsu Choi in the order 66 pack. soft goods robe and articulated for battle. use the comic book story about yaddle being imprisoned all those years. was that in star wars tales? mm. just make a better yaddle than that lump from the jedi council set.

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    I knew I was justified in digging up this old thread.

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    i was just comparing the soft goods yoda from last year. well the one with the pale cloak not the one that came out with kybuck. and not the vintage one either. the other one with separate legs and a fighting attitude. that one. and i was thinking yaddle should have that feel to her. they've got it right with tsu choi in the order 66 pack for sure. I really want tsu choi now. but we need a yaddle and even Piell done with articulated legs and soft goods. do em as a 2-pack. if hasbro are prepared to go with fan favourites like the ewok and wokling and yarna then a couple of decent small jedi shouldn't present a problem.

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    I passed on the Jedi Temple sets because the figure were lame. Though Yaddle and Piell, do deserve decent figures (More so than Yarna) since they are jedi characters they should sell better than our favorite six breasted dancer from ROTJ. I would love to see these two brought back out and i too was very displeased to see them kill this character off, but i guess they had to make room for Shaak Tii and Kit Fisto some how...Yaddle deserves a new figure!!

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    If hasbro ever redid Yaddle I think an aproach similar to the VOTC Yoda would be most appropriate. use the VOTC Yoda's legs and arms. sculpt a new torso and head. give Yaddle a soft goods lower inner robe and a soft goods outer robe. make her hair more copper than that horrible red they used on the jedi council set yaddle.

    Base her on the Yaddle from the Dark horse comic story 'Yaddles tale' and pack her with an Advose overlord.


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