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Thread: Yaddle petition

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    Yaddle petition

    Dear Hasbro. Today I'm sad. Today I found out that they killed off Yaddle. Yaddle who i'd hoped would be expanded upon as a character in this upcoming movie but who will now sadly never see the light of day again.
    I was wondering, as I've read the news at Yakface that you're planning on producing a Jedi council cinema scene sometime late this year or next year, could you see your way to producing a complimentary figure of Yaddle? maybe in a two pack with Even Piell. Maybe as a pack in with Jocasta Nu or something. Anything to celebrate the little green one. I'm probably alone in my appreciation of this character but to complete the episode one council is one of the goals of my collecting now.
    Please consider this will you? Perhaps she could be part of an unsung heros selection along with Yarna D'al Gargan? Just a thought, that was all....

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    You're not alone Jargo, I'd like a figure of her too.

    people love Yoda not only because of the character but also because of how neat he looks. I really believe this appreciation extends to Yaddle as well. Consider how interested everyone was when they revealed her in TPM, and then go ahead and make a figure please.

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    I'll add a third to it Hasbro.You make her I'll buy one.I'm the same as Jargo,I would very much like you to finish the EP1 counsel
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I support the production of a Yaddle figure, and well as one of Yareel Poof. A 2-pack of them would be great to commemerate the charecters having died between E1 and E2. Hopefully the rumored Cinema Scene for next year of the Council will be the following three figures: Yareel Poof, Oppo Rancisis, and Yaddle.

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    I jsut want the complete council in their cool chair things and they were on the council so it gets my vote.
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    Yaddle & Yarael Poof BOTH!

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    I'm game. But then again, they could make turdman and I would probably buy it. Oh wait, I did, but they called it Amanaman.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I was lying in bed last night and considering this thread. Sad but true - I think about SSG even when I'm not here. Anyway, I considered that both Yareal Poof and Even Piell were in fan choice polls and lost. Hasbro must already have the legwork done on the designs for them to have been in the polls at all. So far we've got Eeth Koth and Teemto Pagalies who lost in polls so it's fair to assume then that the cinema scene will contain Yareal and Even. It's also fair to assume that if we keep up the pressure we could still get a yaddle in the cinema scene. Oppo Rancisis fights in the arena so we could get him as a carded figure at some point. Which only leaves Depa Billaba for a very non movie collector orientated year.

    So a cinema scene with Yareal, Even, and yaddle could be a reality by the years end. I think some feedback from Hasbro on this might be nice.

    I'd prefer them not to be seated considering that none of the others are seated. But if they are then at least give them articulation enough to stand. And dont do a Graxol Kelvyyn on Yareal either. Graxol when stood up is about six times too tall. Just ordinary legs under the robes please. Thank you Hasbro.

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    i too would like to see those figures made!

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    I'd love 'em both!

    BTW, e-Jargo (or anyone else), what happened to the dearly departed Yaddle? I know Yarael got offed in the Zam Wessel GN, but I haven't seen anything yet about Yaddle's passing.

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