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Thread: Batman and ESB

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    Batman and ESB

    For anyone out there with cable, TVLand has just begun showing the Batman series everynight at 7pm.

    While watching tonights 2 episodes, a cliffhanger with Joker, I noticed an odd thing. While Joker was looting a warehouse, he pulls out a sculpture that looks surprisingly like IG-88!

    I'll try to get a screen capture of this and post it here. Anyone else notice this?

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    Did you also know that Billy Dee Williams and the guy who played Porkins is in Batman too?

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    Billy Dee was Harvey Dent, pre-Two-Face; William Hootkins played corrupt cop Eckhardt.

    As for IG-88, I have never noticed that ep of Batman, but in ANH, you can see several containers behind Wuher that are shaped like IG-88's head, (one of them is actually his head). Is it something like this?
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