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    Non Japanese/Euro Eopie!

    I was at Celebration 2 this past weekend and finally found one of the items that was eluding my collection: The Eopie and Qui Gon Jinn. I priced them out all over the show, and the price ranged from $50 (for a european) up to $125 (again a european and one japanese). I was about to go buy the first euro version (the vendor was very nice), however I ran into one more sample. I asked to see it (noticing that it was the non-euro version) and I was shocked at what I saw. Not only was it an english version, it did not have any of the Japanese stickering on it like every non-euro version I have seen! I asked the gentleman where he found this, and he told me Guam! Not going to Guam anytime soon, combined with a very reasonable price, I snatched that puppy up. I search on Ebay (I know) for this beastpack almost everyday, and I have NEVER seen one of these up for auction. Has anyone else ever seen one of these?

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    Japanese = same as American, except with a sticker on the back (which is removable).

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    BTW, the guy probably removed the sticker himself. Voila, instant 'American' version.

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    It would be pretty much impossible to remove the sticker without taking away that area (plus probably the surrounding area) of the box... unless he chanced it was successful with a sticker removal tool and was able to not damage the box.

    I've seen quite a few on ebay actually, never really saw any Eopie auctions get into the hundreds. Whoever was selling a $125 Euro Eopie was definitely stupid.
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    IF he did remove it, he did a damn good job. I really don't think he did because I saw a Japanese one and it would have been VERY tough to remove one of those stickers. The box is in MINT shape so either way, I am very happy. LT, you are definately right about the stupidity of a $125 euro version. Needless to say, the same guy was selling AOTC figures, even Obi Wan and Kit Fisto, for $15 each.

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    Hard to tell the sticker remover is. I can remove stickers and even blisters without a trace of tampering. The sticker was removed, thats the simple answer and the most logical. It's possible that it never had a sticker. Like it just missed that phase in the factory. You got a good price, but it's still a Japanees one. Stickers on or off make little difference in the collectable itself. I bought the euro one myself at CII. I spent $50.00 and thought that was fair. I don't mind all the funny writting on it. I just hope they don't pop up at KB for $4.99 next month.
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    $125 for the Eopie, blimey. If I had known that I would have got more of them.

    I only paid 10 for mine about a year ago, so anyone wants to offer me that kind a money it's theirs.
    Only kidding, I wouldn't sell it, well not for another 20 years or so.
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