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    Random thoughts on AOTC.

    This comes from

    Random Thoughts on Attack of the Clones
    Thu, May 09, 02 11:12:20 AM EDT

    Here are a few random thoughts about the film. They're all spoilers, so avoid them!

    The opening scene of the film pans up rather than the typical pan down of all the other movies. You then see Coruscant and dozens of tiny ships flying against the starfield.
    In the explosion of Padme's ship, one of the Naboo fighters is knocked off the platform and falls into the clouds.

    The red Royal Guards are barely seen. They're only in the background and you'd miss them if you weren't looking.

    Zam Wesell actually changes TWICE in the film. Once during the chase and once during her death.

    Billboards and ads in Coruscant feature aurebesh font. How long till someone translates them?

    There was a suprising amount of skin shown in the Outlander Club considering it's a PG movie. Yes, a thong clad butt jumps out of the crowd at you during the film, as noted by most of the red blooded males in the audience. The club seems more like a sports bar than anything with a droid version of football on big TVs.

    Droids are shown replacing the glass in Padme's apartment which Obi-Wan jumped through.

    No ship is shown going into hyperspace from the pilot's view. We only see ships departing and arriving. I guess that makes the hyperspace shot in ANH special.

    There were strange pronunciations of the names in the film. Dooku is consistently pronounced "doo-koo" rather than "dough-koo". Queen Jamilla is pronounced "jam-ill-uh" rather than "jam-ee-ya" (like a Spanish pronunciation).

    Anakin trying to ride both the shaak and the reek looked pretty bad. Very CG.

    Obi-Wan is shown disconnecting from the starfighter hyperspace ring on both Geonosis and Kamino.

    C-3PO calls Anakin "my Maker" when he sees him for the first time. Thus, he's thanking Darth Vader when he says, "Thank the Maker!" Threepio is also able to move his knees in this film.

    R2-D2 is shown going up stairs on Naboo. The crowd cheered when they saw him fly with his rockets.

    It was amazing to see the Yoda and the other Jedi take command of the clone troopers in the film. Yoda directly commanded the lead clone trooper who has yellow decorations. There's also a pilot clone trooper who does not have the fin on his helmet. It's rounded like an AT-AT drivers. There's also a tank with a massive gun on it that looks like something from a Godzilla movie.

    The superbattledroids are so strong and single minded that they smash other battledroids out of their way to get to the Jedi.

    Dooku's speeder is suprisingly fast. He outruns the Gunships and the Geonosian Fighters.

    When Yoda first appears Dooku hurls objects at him with the Force. Then he tries lightining. After that fails they resort to lightsabers. Yoda's appearance brought big time cheers from the crowd. Mace Windu's did too.
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    Zam Wesell actually changes TWICE in the film. Once during the chase and once during her death.

    Wonderful !
    It's in the novel but I wasn't sure if it would make the film.

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    It confirms the fact that there are CloneTroopers without fins on their helmets as well. And it says they are pilots, but the yellow ones have fins on their helmets. And the only helmets that don't have fins from the pictures we have seen are the blue ones. Which pretty much confirms the blue ones to be pilots, matching the Battle Droids again, as I originally thought. But the Incredible Cross section book shows the yellow ones as pilots? This is getting really confusing.

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    Maybe one's a Pilot and the other is a Co-Pilot?

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    Or maybe they're Pilots for different vehicles/ships?

    One could be an AT-TE Pilot and the other a Gunship Pilot.

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    Perhaps there are also vehicle commanders, and ground commanders.
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    More Random Thoughts from

    Among the kids in the Bear Clan, there a young alien of the same race as Shaak Ti.

    New Jedi Master Coleman Trebor is blasted by Jango Fett and shown falling over the balcony at the Arena.

    Beru serves Anakin and Padme blue milk. It does a body good.

    Watto is shown with flies buzzing around him in Mos Espa. He's more disgusting than he was in Episode I.

    R5-D4 was not see at Watto's shop, but I'm sure he's somewhere around.

    Dexter scratches his butt while hugging Obi-Wan. Four hands come in useful.

    Hermione Bagwa has no lines in the film.

    Kit Fitso force slams C-3PO in the film finally diabling him. He gets a big grin on his face after doing it.

    I didn't see N'Sync at all. If they're there, they're not noticable.

    When Shmi dies, she does kind of a dramatic flop that didn't look so good.

    The new tanks with the giant guns fire a continuous laser beam to take out the Federation Core Ship. Very cool.

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    Originally posted by Battle Droid

    Watto is shown with flies buzzing around him in Mos Espa. He's more disgusting than he was in Episode I.
    Since when was he disgusting in Episode 1? I mean yeah, he's not exactly attractive on a human scale or something, but is he more or less disgusting than say, Sebulba? Kind of an odd "random thought"
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Hmmm, conflicting reports all round. I read one earlier today - a review of the whole film no less that stated that the Shaak riding scene was cut. Guess it was a pretty unfinished cut of the movie that presspackers got to see then? Odd. How can you not spot R5-D4 as the rickshaw speeder rolls into Mos Espa? The whole scene is sort of orange toned and then there's R5 with his dirty white and red bucket body rolling in the opposite direction. Unless they cut that segment. But if hasbro said they were making an R5 later this year he must be in the movie somewhere or they'd wait until a non movie year to make him.
    Blue clonetroopers are pilots so yellow ones are commanders and red ones are what? And what are the green ones then? Gunners, scout troopers? hmmm...
    Why are people so obsessed with Nsync? George said they aint in the movie.

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    Well, R5 better be in the darn movie, or I'm afraid of mark2D2's future posts.

    As for this shaak riding business - yes I too have noticed claims that it was cut while another review said the shaak riding scene looked pretty bad. Which leads me to 2 questions,

    1) Why not film Hayden riding a llama, camel, donkey, etc. and then create the shaak around it for a better look, and

    2) Why did they name a beast species Shaak and a character Shaak-Ti?


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