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    photos of new AF BPs in packages

    In case you missed it, Sir Steve has posted images of packaged Battle Packs. They are indeed rehashes. A lot of you will be very disappointed. Instead of seeing figure packs were are seeing beast/vehicle packs. At least I can get that Lars Speeder I need.

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    holy re-treads, Batman! thanks for the links, haggie. the only silver lining I see there is the lack of figures hopefully means the AF ships will come with figures, since we sure as heck aren't getting any extras in the BPs.

    too bad they're adopting the same sucky packaging graphic design theme as the 3-3/4" products!
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    It makes me wonder if producing figures is really expensive compared to producing larger items. Maybe figure molds don't hold up and they need to make more of each mold to produce all the figures? Glitch would probably know the answer to that. I guess the other sensible possibility is that vehicle/beast packs are easier to sell than figure packs. Hasblow has already made it obvious that we can't have both in the same package like in the old days.

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    Or maybe, hasblo is just cheap and they've got a room full of beady-eyed money-grubbing marketers whose sole purpose in life is to squeeze every last penny out of loyal fans...gotta love'em

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    What a let down, I surely hope the vehicles will make up for this short coming. But as it looks now, Hasbro maybe stageing a slow death for Action Fleet as a whole. These items are sure to give a poor showing in the retail department, back to the dollar bins they go.

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    Rehashing these Battle Pack items is like rehashing the kid Anankin 3 3/4" figure.

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    i was very excited to see these.
    i don't have any of those, i thought they were new.
    the endor one is super terrific!
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Anyone have a release date for the ships? And, as far as we know, are the only 3 ships scheduled so far just retreads? Wasn't there just a new X-wing, Falcon and (I forget the 3rd ship) scheduled?

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    3rd ship = VaderTIE (I'm pretty sure)
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    The release date is sometime in June no actual date was said. I'm glad to see the BP back. Even though they are retreads. But wait, in June when the AF makes it return there is said to be EP2 ships included with the classic 3. And, if they are releasing BP???? AOTC BP shouldn't be to far behind.

    However, were are the NEW EP2, AOTC AF ships? Still no photos? What in the name of Star Wars is Hasbro doing?????????
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