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    Angry Wal-Mart and their damn bins full of figures

    Is it just me or does anyone have a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart for two reasons:

    1. They always seem to have the most and decent number of new figures, however they:

    2. Throw all these figures haphazardly in metal gate bins 4 foot high crushing figures and making it a pain in the *** to find stuff.

    What's with that?

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    Wow, I've never seen a WM do that. TRU is notorious for it around here though . . .

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    Same here. All the Wal Marts I've seen do not have bins, that's a Toys R Us thing.

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    In Los Angeles, we only encounter this "problem" @ Toys R Us. Frankly, it's hard to find figs either way. The pegs are always way too close together . . .

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    I guess I should clarify.

    In the Wal-Marts in and around indianapolis, there is at least one isle dedicated to the new AOTC figures.

    Last night I went in and was stoked there were some new ones (Boba Fett, and Royal Guard) however, instead of being on the pegs, these new figures were all thrown into 4ft high metal gate bins.

    Granted, they seem to do this at Toys R' Us too. The Wal-Marts usually do this with their extra run off.

    But, for all stores, how about those stock boys and girls? Wouldn't it be nice if all the figures on one peg were the same! Wow, what a dream that would be.

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    I agree. It's reffered to as the "Bin of Doom" in the Hot Wheels world. These bins are good for them, and bad for us (well sort of). See Wal Mart could givea**** about the condition of thier figures. As long as they don't look like crap they don't care. A crease hear or a ding there is no big deal to them. Plus it allows them to just dump a new shipment in it and that allows them to get more product on the showroom floor. It is bad for mint on card collectors for the obvious reasons, but it is good sometimes becasue the more figures out the better chance of finding something good.

    I've gone through these bins befor, recently and in years past. I have found that there is never anything good at the bottom. If it was good it was found and bought when It was on top. I just shuffle through the top layer and go one to the next section of toys.

    I would vote to get rid of them, but I don't see WM asking us anytime soon.
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    Same here at the Super WM in Meridian, MS. There is an aisle of figures & a little ways down is a huge bin with figures just dumped in em. I didnt look through it though (not really in the mood to go diggin for stuff) If it aint on the peg, I dont need it

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    Neither Wal-Mart or TRU do that here unless it's just extra stuff that doesn't have peg space like when TRU was doing their clearances.
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    None of the Walmarts in NJ, that I have been to, do that, but all of the TRUs seem to.

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    I had that happen to me at a TRU,but it was just a bunch of action figures on clearance thrown in a bin.WMs around here never put toys in bins..I guess because it would mean more work for them(Kids digging through bins and getting stuff on the floor)
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