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    Unhappy Where are you finding Bespin wave?

    I have been to toys-r-us and no luck. I also stopped by a few Wal-Marts out of town luck. If I only go to my local Toys-R-Us will I soon find the second wave????
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    got a damaged card darth and mace at target, whish the packages were a different color though, hard as hell to pick them out with all the wave 1 stuff on the shelf

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    Well, I think they all ended up on E-bay because I can't find them anymore, either. At least not on the shelves.

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    I found a Vader, Mace and Fett at Wal-Mart, but haven't seen anything but Mace since... I sure want a Luke

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    i can't find any right now!

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    I hate you guys. I still haven't found the Dooku wave. Not just Dooku, the entire wave. I have this feeling the stores here are waiting for people to buy up all the peg-warmers before they put out anything interesting. I do not need an army of OPD Anakins. Anyway, no luck here so far. Glad to hear the Bespin wave is more than a myth, though.

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    Toys R Us


    I found the Bespin Wave TODAY at TRU (Woodbury, MN).

    They also had bunches of Yoda and HD Ani (no Dooku)

    They had nothing at Wal-Mart though...


    Bespin Luke was non-bloody for those who are interested in variatoins... not a bloody one among them.

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    I checked Times Square TRU, nothing! I'll have to check the TRU near my house later on!

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    Re: Toys R Us

    Originally posted by Nataku
    Bespin Luke was non-bloody for those who are interested in variatoins... not a bloody one among them.
    Nice English accent there.

    I was talking with a fellow today at a TRU (where I just found my Dooku, yeah!) who told me he'd been to others today that just got in shipments of the new wave. Which wave that was I couldn't get out of him.

    Sound like hit-or-miss to me.
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    Since my wife will be out shopping with one of her friends tomorrow, I'll be hitting some area Wal-Marts and any Targets, K-Marts etc. I come across. I'll be hitting some smaller towns so no TRUs. I'll let you fine folks know what I do/don't find.


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