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    troop builder too little too late

    $ 20 for the troop builder pack is a joke.
    They should be much cheaper than that.
    Some people are happy (the ones that couldnt get comtech troopes before) and thats fine but they are charging basically full retail for 4 of the same figure in a generic white box.

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    are you happy about anything?

    seriously dude, you need to relax and be happy they are still making stuff for us to enjoy.
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    $5 for a figure is actually pretty decent, aside from $1.97 sale prices at TRU. Its a great way for ARMY BUILDERS to add to their troops. So, obviously, a white mailer box is the best way ship them, since they're going to be opened anyway.
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    I think the price is good. I open my figures anyway, keeping them on card and stuff isn't as fun (). The original comtech figures were what, about, $7 or $8 dollars? The new ones are about $6. So at 5 bucks a piece, I'm glad. I could never find any in my area anyway. The only original trilogy commtech chip figures I could find were Greedo and Luke. I have both anyway.
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    Im happy about a lot of things, paying ridiculous prices and fighting with uber nerds are not on that list.
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    ...and it certainly doesnt cost hasbro anywhere near $20 to make and dump in a box 4 rehashed stormtroopers, but fans will buy anything

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    Considering the stormtroopers can't be found in my area PERIOD (or many others im sure), and they fetch like $5 or so on ebay, plus I'm opening them and am a stormtrooper fan, I see no reason why $20 is a bad deal. White box, plastic bag, brown box, doesn't matter. Its 4 stormtroopers for $20 and they are all mint with guns (2 of each kind even better).

    And since I'm a non-opener (unless I have doubles), I don't have to worry about the figure being on a card so I can just open the box and get a troop going.

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    I like it. Really, I do.
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    you're all spoiled. we get nothing in canada. the chance to get 4 stormtroopers instead of 1 for 20 bucks is kinda nice. therefore i will buy it.
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    Above I asked this of people that already had access to the commtechs (obviously if u didnt they are new to you), as far as people outside of the USA , you are lucky if u find anything not online....


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